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@HailMother They are making a World War Hulk movie tho

@Pedro_Monje Esto era del tie-in de world war Hulk, creo recordar, no?

@Ajmcmillan101 @HailMother "REPORT: 'She-Hulk' Will Set Up a 'World War Hulk' Movie, Eyeing 2022 Production Start - Murphy's Multiverse"…

They do 😊 "REPORT: 'She-Hulk' Will Set Up a 'World War Hulk' Movie, Eyeing 2022 Production Start - Murphy's Multiverse"……

@HailMother Well the events of She Hulk does lead to World War Hulk and they have delayed Ms. Marvel by almost a year, so they are likely listening to feedback

@BondSarah_Bond @XboxGamePass @BraveAtNight @BondSarah_Bond please listen to me if u can get a team to do Blade, or Aquaman,or a Justice League game or an World War Hulk game . With high detail and effects and destruction. Xbox will beat sony. Please make 3rd person action game base off something that coming to movies

WAIT HERES MORE— since a character named Nightmare was rumored to be a potential villain in Dr. Strange MoM, i think this has some ties as to whether we're getting bruce losing control, an angrier hulk, and a path leading to a world war hulk movie—…

@NTRdevote_Abhi @DattuClay @UnbridledSoul Adhe ga malli pedha villake comics telsu ani buildup istharu.. ah world war Hulk voche time ki villu ikkada nunchi potharu kuda le

@urstrulyguna21 @DattuClay @UnbridledSoul Hulk ni comedy chesaru anta like Professor Hulk never existed in comics 😂😂 And World War Hulk is coming to MCU DC fans kada vilanunchi inkem expect chestam le

-could ask for including She-Hulk and Moon Knight, F4, Kang, even rumors of Nova, Thunderbolts, and World War Hulk. I'm sure I sound like a shill, but as a massive comic and Marvel fan since childhood, they literally are making dreams come true. It's honestly incredible.

@OriginalFunko @emeraldcitycon @whatifofficial read the comic book world war hulk and doctor strange supreme was kind of in there too, it was so awesome

@RPK_NEWS1 And she hulk. Since I saw the runors that there are going to be a Hulk movie after the events of She Hulk, which is the World War Hulk, hehe I'm intrigued.

@GodKhonshu House/Power of X Dawn of X Power Rangers (Both) Venom Planet Hulk World War Hulk

@evandadovan C’est dans l’univers principal ahah, genre world war Hulk ça se passe dans l’univers principal! Quand hulk tabasse thanos c’est dans la quête des pierres d’infinité si je me souviens bien et c’est dans notre univers Listening to world war hulk @comicsexplained but I need these stories 4 hours + - avenger dark reign arc /thunderbolts /dark avengers - days of future past and present - a full x men legion story both professor x dies and the other when magneto dies

Check out WORLD WAR HULK (2007) 1 2 3 4 5 Complete Set 1st appearance Skaar son of Hulk… via @eBay

@_CharlesMurphy Wonder how this show will set up World War Hulk.

@YourMusicWhore Tbh once the World War Hulk news got leaked I could give a fuck less about anything else. As far as this personally No Way Home got that nostalgic factor going for it, it never fails. Both will be phenomenal

@BrandonDavisBD Please ask whether Universal still owns the Hulk distribution rights and whether that rumor of a World War Hulk movie is true!!

@paninicomicsfra Aurons nous le droit aux autres récits de Grek Pak sur Hulk : World War Hulk Warbound #1-5, The Totally Awesome Hulk #1–23, Skaar: Son of Hulk #1-12 ou Incredible Hulk #601-635 ?

I’m wondering how she hulk got a show before Bruce himself But I sure hope that world war hulk rumour is true….…

@FrancisqueStar @Natty___Dread Tu vois un World war Hulk dans le MCU ? Parce que moi non. Mais j’ai vu une Scarlet Witch qui connaît même pas ses pleines capacités bosser Thanos et un Dr Strange mettre à mal une entité cosmique ( Dormamu ) en déroute, et sans compter le Dr Strange du What If 💀…

@Natty___Dread @MiraiNoKuro World war hulk qui détruit un planète en un coup de poing ? Existe mdr

this why i love world war hulk like hulks version of wanda vision but significantly better and angrier, wanda was just sad and going through insane amounts of grief but imagine she been through half the shit hulk had to go through she woulda already done house of m in the mcu

i still think world war hulk out of all media i ever peeped has the best rage moment ive seen a single character have and it dont hurt that he has decades of pent up anger going into that story arc, never seen a single character in fiction angrier than hulk literally-

@thomsthy Pour Hulk, condition World War Hulk ou Immortal Hulk Pour Wanda, Condition pré House of M

How one team go have Diego costa and hulk at the same time. Shey na world war dey wan fight ni

@TheComixKid When would that World War Hulk movie get confirmed?

@brfootball @iamAbiodunAA Hulk and Diego Costa in the same attack? Must feel like World War Three for opposition defenders.

@Marvfess World war hulk, Messiah complex, House of M, Death of X, Annihilation

Check out WORLD WAR HULK (2007) 1 2 3 4 5 Complete Set 1st appearance Skaar son of Hulk… via @eBay

If I ever get world war hulk, I may cry tears of joy. Growing up only superman meant more to me than the hulk

@0Son_of_Odin0 @ParkerLele @comebackofnomax @UCMarvel_ Dans world war hulk, il a prouve que la magie de Strange était inefficace contre un Hulk à son paroxysme. Que ce soit en terme de puissance, de ruse et de bannissement

@ParkerLele @comebackofnomax @UCMarvel_ En Green Scar (dans le film world war hulk annonce)*

Imagine if they announced the world war hulk movie in the she hulk series ending

Praying for the rumoured world war hulk movie is actually true so we finally give Bruce the storyline and attention that he deserves and deserved for the past 10 years of the mcu 🙏

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