Top Tweets for Worst Concert

1st Concert: fall out boy/paramore Last Concert : san holo Best Concert: bts 👀 Worst Concert: hollywood undead 😭 Seen The Most: fall out boy Most Surprising: Porter robinson & jai wolf Next Concert: idk 😭 Dream Concert: the 1975…

#ARMY that went to the concert, Was the screen at the top of the stadium not on during the performance? I have like the worst seats and am scared I won't be able to see anything 😭 #PTD_ON_STAGE #BTS

I do like wizkid but that was genuinely one of the worst concerts I’ve been to 😬

@modooborahae @SoFiStadium between concerts and baseball stadiums, last two days @SoFiStadium was worst experience ever.

1st Concert: green day (2017) Last Concert : green day (2017) Best Concert: green day when they played songs I know Worst Concert: green day when they played songs I don't know Dream Concert: mcr, mayday parade Next Concert: mcr, mayday parade if covid pls lets up…

@flotisserie “Worst concert I’ve ever seen.”

1st Concert: Panic at the Disco Last Concert : I think it was Mitski ✨ Best Concert: The Killers Worst Concert: just almost any festival Seen The Most: 🚫 Most Surprising: Grimes????????! Next Concert: No plans Dream Concert: Cody Fry with an orchestra 👁👄👁…

@MrBlairHughes Need to specify which concert venue. Or you could be doing a road trip - though might not be the worst thing

@PaulMillerRadio Brother Best to be stranded: Ibiza in season, for the SuperClubs Worst to be stranded: Adele concert #CharleyInOxford

1st Concert: mac miller Last Concert : post malone Best Concert: exo and trsr’s teuday (not really a concert but idc) Worst Concert: none Seen The Most: exo Most Surprising: exo Next Concert: ateez in january Dream Concert: to see in person one day it’d be exo & treasure…

If one of your worst fears about going to a BTS concert is finding out THAT they are incredibly wonderful and attractive in person, the answer is YES, your worst fears are confirmed when you go to a BTS concert.

if anyone needs me, i’ll be rewatching all my videos from the @zachlanebryan concert and trying to ignore my very real post concert depression because I’m currently suffering from the worst case I’ve ever had.

Post concert depression is the worst LMFAO

my family got exposed to covid and im getting tested today i think im so scared im gonna have to miss the concert ofc this happens to me i have the worst luck in the world 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭

i finally saw those concert videos of the crowd being dead silent during bts’s older songs and i’m experiencing the worst second hand embarrassment how dare y’all do that to them ofkfndkdj

1st show: KISS last show: Manchester Orchestra best show: so hard to say worst show: Experience Hendtrix Tour. Sound was terrible. seen the most: Dweezil Zappa (7), Our Lady Peace (7) most surprising: Pinegrove? next concert: Manchester orchestra dream concert: GoGo Penguin?

Rena Rouge and Carapace are the worst superheroes of Miraculous as we don’t know what exactly motivated them to becoming actual heroes besides Marinette needed their help. Same goes for Luka too…

i am experiencing the worst post concert depression ever

i think the worst the about the pcd is that the concert doesn’t even feel real😭😭like it’s kinda sad how little i remember and how in a daze i was i was just too pumped with adrenaline i suppose. i still can’t believe i went to a whole ass bts concert???? doesn’t make sense

I’m having the absolute worst post concert depression of my life I know I go on Wednesday but it just feels like Saturday was fake. I think the overwhelming emotions and the fact that it was the first in two years made my mind just blank out

Don’t go to idol concerts in the 2040’s worst mistake in my life!…

1st Concert: Randy Travis (I was a toddler & had no choice) Last Concert: Jason Isbell Best Concert: Jason Isbell + DBT at Shoalsfest Worst Concert: 98 Degrees Seen the Most: Jason Isbell Most Surprising: Hanson didn’t suck Next Concert: ? Dream Concert: Oasis Reunion Tour 🙏🏻…

@susujaehee @ThatDarnIM And I wouldn't be here if OP was one of those armys who nevers retweets fansite photos or saves and who doesn't record and live stream the concert. I would be like, OK good. But she does retweets fs photos and illegally kuve streams the concert and the worst one: took picture

@ncittty Sofi stadium has been the worst concert venue I’ve been to. So much disorganization, I stood in an entry line for almost 3 hours, staff was screaming at us because of THEIR incompetence. Staff rude af, no one knows anything or give you bad information. Awful venue experience!

this post concert feeling is the worst thing ive ever felt before omfg

bruh i think this is like the worst bts concert fomo I've ever felt 😭

40+ year old white rmys are the worst breed like why are people with responsibilities in life the worst interactions you'll ever have over a kpop group on twitter? Also like lmao I'd rather have fansites at concerts than their old entitled asses.

1st concert: EDCLV Last concert: EDCO Best Concert: EDCLV Worst concert: LIC Loudest: Lost Lands Seen most: excision/Garrix Most Surprising: DJ Diesel Seeing Next: EDCLV Regret not seeing: Seven Lions…

@TasteOfCountry @KidRock Literally the worst piece of music released in decades! An incredible achievement!

@Luvkookseyes @BTS_twt Omg don’t ask me but I feel so happy for you that finally you’ll see them this week and I’ll get to see you 😆 we went to the concert last night again and my excitement just gets worst I’m in cloud nine 😆😭😂

“FeIix navidad FeIix navidad I can feel the evil coming but FeIix never bad” and I thought nothing can be worst than that ex0’s rap

Concerts be making the artists worst song sound good

this is the worst thing about going to a bts concert: having to go home…

1st Concert: Glenn Fredly Last Concert : @lextheconartist Best Concert: Mitski in 2019 and Mogwai back in 2014 Worst Concert: not THAT bad but Sum 41 Seen The Most: Kyoto Protocol Most Surprising: Underoath Next Concert: Beach House (here's hoping) Dream Concert: Radiohead…

1st Concert: Rihanna Last Concert : Tamino Best Concert: Missy Elliott, Charles Bradley, Esperanza Spalding, Hozier Worst Concert: … Seen The Most: Sam Roberts x 2 Most Surprising: Chromeo Next Concert: … Dream Concert: Florence + the Machine, Janet Jackson…

@jhoseokluvr Ily!!! Post concert despression is the WORST but I’m so happy you got to go!

leaving ubs arena after the concert was single-handedly the worst experience ive ever had


@jiminchilabs I think antis are pretending to be solos. Bcs after wat yoong told today they should have known if they have attended the concert or atleast watched it online. They r purposefully creating an issue and the worst thing is it will b j hope himslef who will feel bad if he sees this

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