@Pete_Martuneac @n0t_pop Also we are in 2022, we don’t need 3 totally different players at WR. Mooney and Zay both have slot/outside versatility and play directly into Justin’s strengths

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac I’d rather not have 2 5’10 180 WR trying to play outside man… if we want to play him fully in the slot you could talk me into it. But then what are we doing with Mooney?

@n0t_pop @Pete_Martuneac Zay Flowers tape rlly shows very clearly he has no outside ability (lmao bro)

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac You keep saying lmao as if you are the only knowledgeable one in the discussion…but lmao isn’t a counterpoint. I also never said he couldn’t play outside. But playing outside at boston college will be different than playing outside in the nfl…yes?

@n0t_pop @Pete_Martuneac I mean clearly but to pretend like he can’t play outside is wrong. Tyreek Hill… known slot WR

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac I didn’t say he couldn’t play outside… i said I’d rather not have 2 small WR trying to play outside, and if we draft him I’d rather his focus be the slot… Thinking he can just walk into the nfl and fill a role like Tyreek hill is just not a good way to look at it lol.

@n0t_pop @Pete_Martuneac Who cares about their height if they can separate? Justin’s biggest strength is throwing to route winner, not contested catchers

@Pete_Martuneac @n0t_pop My entire point was we just group shorter WR as slot guys for no reason. Watch him play

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac I understand that… I’m just not understanding where you’re getting a Tyreek Hill comp from and why ur seemingly upset at Mooney comp… you’re trying to argue with me about shit I don’t disagree with.

@n0t_pop @Pete_Martuneac Zay Flowers IS Tyreek Hill was never once said and my point is wouldn’t another WR who fits Fields playstyle the best be ideal?

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac What do u mean he “is Tyreek hill” you haven’t elaborated on that yet and that seems like our only point of contention lol

@ilananalytics @Pete_Martuneac Once again you’re just Lmaoing without answering me…

@n0t_pop @Pete_Martuneac Point to me where I said Zay Flowers was Tyreek Hill