@FYF_4295 @ericburnette64 @CBSNews A. You didn't provide any proof of anything. B. You are the one using condescension and belittling in order to hide the fact you have no validity.

@CroonerFriday @ericburnette64 @CBSNews Proof is everywhere...not my fault you choose to believe in fairy tales

@FYF_4295 @ericburnette64 @CBSNews What "fairy tales" do I believe? Tell me what else you've been programmed to repeat?

@CroonerFriday @ericburnette64 @CBSNews You believe the gain of function nonsense...but yeah, you somehow have inside knowledge ­čśé­čśé­čśé

@FYF_4295 @ericburnette64 @CBSNews It isn't nonsense, regardless of what the media spoonfeeds you to believe.

@CroonerFriday @ericburnette64 @CBSNews Because you have inside knowledge that the general public doesn't have, right?

@FYF_4295 @CroonerFriday @CBSNews Absolutely no one said anything like this you hysterical dope. Just simply watch any amount of hearings from the hill in which Fauci was involved.