Hi @selenagomez I really need you can follow me. I meet you at Puma store and I am from Argentina. I love u since 2012. I grew up with you

Thank you @CriticsChoice for honoring @OnlyMurdersHulu with FOUR #CriticsChoice Award nominations, including Best Comedy Series, @SteveMartinToGo, Martin Short and @selenagomez! 🏆

@DisneyTVStudios @selenagomez @CriticsChoice @OnlyMurdersHulu @SteveMartinToGo Oh wait it’s Disney Studios what happened to @hulu I still love ya Hulu the @SteveMartinToGo of the studio lost while fancy pants Mavil Russo is busy being Grammy girl @SelenaFanClub and don’t fight the past embrace all of who you are. It was a tent pole @HotelT I was right