We're grateful to those who signed this letter urging Congress to deliver a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS Holders and Essential Workers and fight to welcome our Haitian neighbors with dignity. Let's deliver for our immigrant friends + families! #IStandWithImmigrants

@IAmAnImmigrant @ddlovato D thank u so much for always speaking up about what u believe in<3

@IAmAnImmigrant This is not a picture of a galaxy in the sky. This is the largest human gathering for Imam Hussein. 30 million people! #Arbaeen2021

@IAmAnImmigrant @ddlovato I'm can't be more proud of my babe @ddlovato that are always doing something good for the people thank you so much for beeing who you are

@IAmAnImmigrant Can you please start including #MixedStatusFamilies And #MixedStatusMarriages? It’s really hurtful to be constantly excluded. We were even excluded from the House bill. Thank you.