Sources: Jim Irsay’s No. 1 choice for HC remains Jeff Saturday, while others in the #Colts’ front office prefer different leading candidates. Saturday, I’m told, presented his staff choices during his 2nd interview on Wednesday. Irsay has not sat in on most interviews. @theScore…

If they go with Saturday again and take Will Levis I’m OUT on the Colts. Unserious franchise. Go USC Trojans…

@xHalfy I wouldn’t mind Levis at all if I were an Indy fan.

@JMall95 you have to produce even a LITTLE bit in College. The excuses for him are crazy. Like if they take him at 4 and Young/Stroud are both gone sure. But if they trade up to 1 or take him over one or both of those guys meehhh

@xHalfy He produced in 2021, and had turf toe in 2022. It’s easy for Stroud to produce when he’s playing against Big 10 defences and with the talent around him on offence. Levis played against SEC defences and not a single one of his guys on offence would start at OSU.

@JMall95 Sam Howell produced the year before he was drafted too

@xHalfy Howell didn’t play through turf toe his draft year, and throughout his tenure got to play with the likes of Javonte Williams, Michael Carter, Dazz Newsome, Josh Downs, Dyami Brown, and a couple NFL OL as well.

@xHalfy I am begging people to look at Will Levis’s supporting cast on offence this year. It’s historically bad. Everyone loves having excuses for QBs at the NFL level but won’t give guys with even bigger excuses the same lenience at the collegiate level.

@xHalfy This doesn’t make him automatically better than Stroud, but all these different variables make it very hard to project QBs, and I can totally see why teams would prefer the upside shot at Levis. I’m still undecided personally but they are close.