Local Tory MPPs @SkellyHamilton and @NeilLumsdenMPP oppose citizen membership on the Hamilton Conservation Authority, turning down Hamilton City Council's request to continue having five citizens on the HCA. #yhmcc

@JoeyColeman @SkellyHamilton @NeilLumsdenMPP Of course they did, they want nothing in the way as they tare up Farmland and Greenbelt.

@JoeyColeman @SkellyHamilton @NeilLumsdenMPP So why doesnt council actually want to do their jobs and comply with the act? Oh wait, that would mean they would actually have to do some work.

@JoeyColeman @SkellyHamilton @NeilLumsdenMPP Because they are all bought by developers (like the ones at Ford's daughter's stag and doe) who fill the pockets of Ford's government. We need NEW PARTIES with new ideas to rid us of the Conservatives and Liberals for good.

@JoeyColeman @SkellyHamilton @NeilLumsdenMPP They don't want any citizen representation on conservation authorities.....if there was then there would he a real danger of actual conservation taking place shich would impede development plans.

@JoeyColeman @SkellyHamilton @NeilLumsdenMPP Please don’t ever quote Skelly or Lumsden as having opinions. They follow what Ford’s handlers say. Neither of them care about voters or anything positive if it doesn’t enrich their donors bank accounts.

@JoeyColeman @SkellyHamilton @NeilLumsdenMPP No integrity, no backbone, no original thinking. Not surprised.

@JoeyColeman @SkellyHamilton @NeilLumsdenMPP Just de-fund the Conservation Authorities and forget about it, cowards! They were too cowardly to do it with the N.E.C., they're still to cowardly now.