@KimKardashian Going to get me some @KimKardashian money. Backed up the truck on $TKING we going to the moon

@KimKardashian Get some $TKING for your line! I know you already love Tiger King, so let’s help support him how we can!

@KimKardashian Are you still pushing for the revolutionary change? I was happy you used your platform to help US Down here

@felovski @KimKardashian Most people can’t. Only the upper middle class or rich and frankly if I was one of them I wouldn’t buy hand me downs.

@KimKardashian Wish you'd read fans messages, even if just for advice or similar. My life, I get it.

@KimKardashian Miss Kim you are spiritually in infinity, your bloodline must of done some good deeds and red some good words and went through some storms, in life, they will be happy to see you in the kingdom of God.

@KimKardashian Can't wait to be able to afford some of your collection pieces! 😍 #KardashianKloset