Sorry I needed a few days to decompress! I can’t wait to share my incredible SNL content with you over the next few days. Hosting Saturday Night Live was probably one of the best experiences of my career!

@KimKardashian Omg!!!! Will we get to see any of it on the Hulu show???

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@KimKardashian It’s ok, you did well by getting some rest. No need to be sorry. It’s wonderful to hear you had a great time and experience. I can’t wait until you share your content 💛

@KimKardashian Texas State Government: Cease & Desist Gas Storage Tanks Facility on Hillcroft/ West Orem : Community Protest - Sign the Petition! via @Change

@thejakecalderon @KimKardashian Yessir!!! All of it!! Momager confirmed it on I.G. You Sleeep...lmao!

@KimKardashian I think you did great and making light of a horrible situation is ok too!! It’s called comedy for a reason … do your thing lady!!!