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@KimKardashian @KKHOfficial What about Cameron? A polite young man at the beginning of his life dreams of a future that is useful to his society.. Because of the stupidity of the prosecutor and the investigators, he received a harsh sentence.1/2 #Justice4CameronHerrin #cameronwasnotracing

@KimKardashian @KKHOfficial They made John Barrineau a witness after he was a partner in the accident. JUSTICE FOR CAMERON HERRIN🙏🏻 #Justice4CameronHerrin #cameronwasnotracing

@KimKardashian @KKHOfficial Grotesque example of inhumanity lacking sense and compassion in the criminal justice system #Justice4CameronHerrin #cameronwasnotracing

@KimKardashian @KKHOfficial The surprising thing is that the policeman said he was not speeding, and the judge himself said that there was no evidence of intentionally harming the victims. What makes you sentence him to 24 years? #Justice4CameronHerrin

@KimKardashian @KKHOfficial He was the main cause of the accident but nobody mentioned him in the article as a killer or a murderer but they all targeted Cameron‼️ If Cameron is guilty,why would you ask John to testify against him? Is it because he is innocent and there is no evidence of racing