NYers, check out this badass video w/ fellow NYers @marisatomei, @_juliannemoore & @JohnLeguizamo! And make a plan to VOTE tomorrow Tues 11/8 from 6am-9pm. Run don’t walk to vote for Democratic Governor @KathyHochul. It’s going to be close & YOUR VOTE COUNTS! #NYHochul

@MarkRuffalo @marisatomei @_juliannemoore @JohnLeguizamo @KathyHochul You know I can´t vote,I´m European, but I encourage everybody to do it, and I wish you the best, Mark.

@MarkRuffalo @marisatomei @_juliannemoore @JohnLeguizamo @KathyHochul Life must be great when you can be "progressive" and woke, whilst being rich and living in great safe expensive neighbourhoods... So most Americans will probably flip you the bird....

@MarkRuffalo @marisatomei @_juliannemoore @JohnLeguizamo @KathyHochul An endorsement from a bunch of washed up, rich, elitist celebrities isn't the win you think it is.

@peter_croughs @MarkRuffalo @marisatomei @_juliannemoore @JohnLeguizamo @KathyHochul Mark is a typical Hollywood loser who wants to tell other people how to live while living his life an entirely different way in his little bubble. They’re so out of touch with reality it’s staggering.

@spectrejv @RonColeman @MarkRuffalo @marisatomei @_juliannemoore @JohnLeguizamo @KathyHochul “If I see Mark Ruffalo associated with anything, and I mean anything, I work to destroy it.” -Godzirra, Nipponese Atomic Monster