This girl went to get her hair done and stole a wig. Tried to say she going to the store and they caught her outside. She ran like she on Maury ­čśé

This the girls she stole the wig from. This so embarrassing. That girl will forever be known as the wig thief that runs like she donÔÇÖt know who her baby daddy is.

@MrsJellySantos Girl I need the other part of the video ­čśé­čśé

We a family. I post the first video you post the rest. We on a family plan on this here timeline. Everybody grab a lil data and share with your neighbor ­čśé

Sprint hits you with that ÔÇťyou sure you wanna download 100G video?ÔÇŁ No bitch. IÔÇÖm not sure. IÔÇÖm nervous. ­čśé

@MrsJellySantos I deff dont think it was fake. I checked her tik tol and she had this screenshot in a new video ­čśé­čśé

@DuchesseCILLA IÔÇÖm crying cuz the profile photo looks like the wig thief wearing a cast ­čśş

@MrsJellySantos In perspective, all these girls are sad. Sad you don't love your own natural hair. Stop trying to live up to European standards of beauty. She hates her image and so do the women putting these wigs and weaves in our queens heads! ­čą┤­čĄö