Have a Day, Jon Gruden!

@NFL_Memes Someone should seriously check on Jon Gruden. Like, I don't feel this is right. These emails came out 10+ yrs ago. Yet Watson remains in the NFL after what he allegedly did? For Gruden, football seemed of high importance to him before the witch hunt. Hope his mentality is good 😐

@NFL_Memes Wonder if the NFL has really listened to any Eminem lyrics? Some would say those are a tad bit more offensive than some 10 year old emails.

@RollTide_Colts @NFL_Memes It's because Gruden pissed off the wrong people, namely NFL commissioner and the head of the NFL Players' Association.

@VPerricone92 @NFL_Memes This hilarious because “chucky” is his nickname😂😂

@NFL_Memes Jon Gruden after he gets reaction from the media about his email post 10 years later like