Starting today, CityNerd is on Nebula. I’m super excited to join Nebula’s roster of creators (most of whom, unlike me, seem to know what they’re doing). If you aren’t already signed up (a lot of you are!), there’s a discount in the link below. (1/x)

@Nerd4Cities Is this in addition to youtube or are you moving on?

@Nerd4Cities I have TOTALLY been waiting for this to happen. I was searching for you on @WatchNebula a couple of weeks ago.

If you insist on watching my videos on the Tube because you can’t seem to get enough of preroll ads from injury attorneys and pickup truck manufacturers, things won’t change much. Nebula MIGHT just offer a better experience though! Just saying.

And yeah, I’m still on Twitter, I just avoid the “For You” tab like the plague and block fools aggressively

@Nerd4Cities glad to hear youre getting away from the inconsistency of youtube, nebula is a platform where you feel like youre actually supporting creators

@comradecovert Yeah YouTube can be pretty unpredictable!

@UrbanistOrg Thanks! Hope to meet up when I’m up in Seattle sometime later this year