Good morning all, apologies for slow responses atm. Illness in the house means playing the role of nurse more than ever..and definitely not in a sexy way..(although I must try on that outfit ;-))) Will be here for welcome distraction when I can be, have a wicked Wednesday ◉‿◉

@LetsdocoffeeC Thank you...not sure yet if boy picked it up from job or 9 from school..but hopefully will be over soon x

@LetsdocoffeeC Boy, eldest friend...long story..took him in Christmas time. Kids dad not caught it yet (never married him thank the stars) and is off on respite at weekend thankfully...for all the reasons you are aware of.

@LetsdocoffeeC It's just the word hubs infers I still have that sort of relationship with him I always react to that lol. Yep .. good job I have broad shoulders ;)

@LetsdocoffeeC I know..I didn't mean any offence either.