You know what I love? I love that Sam has been here, on social media, the whole time. Droughtlander ✅ Lockdowns ✅ Filming/not filming ✅ Yes he's a salesman sometimes. Yes he promotes his projects. But, he's always engaging with fans. And, honestly, his GIF game is on point.

@peekaboo_jen @Yr_Obt_Svt Is this a good time to admit I dated a guy called “pineapple” when I was in college? He was from Hawaii. Ok… no more confessions this week!

@RedmondMichelle @peekaboo_jen YOU called him "pineapple"? He called himself that? Friends of his did?

@Yr_Obt_Svt @peekaboo_jen I didn’t. His frat brothers did. And the nick name stuck. I would never be so icky.