@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval he needed a healthy majority to obtain that goal. which is on voters to do. how do you expect him to do something if we don’t give him the tools to do it? did you forget how the three branches of government balance power?

@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval i didn’t vote for biden btw nor do i think he’s competent. ima give flowers when due tho just like ima talk sht when it stink.

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval It’s all good. My only point is, trying doesn’t mean it’s over. Keep applying pressure. It’s rare that it’s an easy path for the President. Campaign promises don’t go away because you tried and failed. It was a need then and it’s still a need so it doesn’t go away.

@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval what makes you think they gave up? they’re making videos about it check his page. they’re sending out emails to voters/applicants. appealing in courts. yeen even check. that’s what’s dangerous that’s how the power gets put into the hands of the ppl tryna block us out.

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval You gotta start from my first tweet which is a response to someone else’s tweet. Lol.

@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval and my response lol. you see what happened when he tried to use executive power. the other option is congress. which is on us to give him a congress that will do it. he can’t do what we don’t give him the tools for. twitter.com/mbkrem/status/…

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval And you keep putting pressure on the President. And he has other tools at his disposal to deliver on his campaign promise. Full circle. He doesn’t get to run, make promise, then to actually fulfill the promise are the responsibility of the people he promised 😂😂 not mathing

@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval na you really just don’t get how the branches work. that’s like 6th grade

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval No you are stuck on procedures & Im talking about getting things done. And holding people accountable. If you don’t deliver you dont get a pass. The ask for the vote didn’t come with, I will do this if these 7 other things happen that you need to do. It was i cross the aisle

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval I’m a deal maker, i will get this done. Not done, then they keep getting pressure. They don’t get excuses. It’s not complicated. You can tuck in your cape. They can get it done. If they don’t they don’t get another vote. And it’s not the voters fault. That wasn’t the deal 🤦🏾‍♂️

@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval the president doesn’t have the power to do what he wants. i think that’s where you’re confused.

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval Yes, actually since you stuck on this.. student loan forgiveness could be done with executive privilege. Look it up. Then move on. Because you stuck on the wrong message. It’s too complicated for ya. Appreciate your feedback. Look at it this way. The GOP said it wouldn’t happen

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval They didn’t have a majority either. But they fulfilled their campaign promises. Sinema and Manchin got it done for someone. Namaste, homie. Best wishes and happy holidays

@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval bidens executive order is what’s being blocked in court by republicans…. were you arguing this whole time not knowing this was all over his executive order? you didn’t know he already used it?

@SportsJust4 @mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval Article I, section 8 says Biden cannot forgive Student loans. Article II says what he can do.

@SportsJust4 @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval & the GOP said it wouldn’t happen because they were planning on blocking it. why leave that part out?

@mbkrem @wauk126 @MarleyDuvaughn @lilduval So the won, goofy. Did he think it wouldn’t be hard. They wouldn’t stop him. They won, he lost. Now he needs to keep working. It’s still needed for many. So keep working. That’s all I’m saying goof ball. He has to keep working. We don’t want excuses. Keep working