really wish Heather Moorhouse could do my makeup 😭👁🖌 →

@YouTube Speaking of makeup check out this crazy transformation 🤯

@YouTube Que injusto como personas suben vídeos así y a mi me elimina mi canal solo por subir un vídeo animado de Spiderman

@YouTube Dark Science 5 on @YouTube New Upload. One Year Time-Lapse of Birdhouse. #YouTube

@YouTube Hey @TeamYouTube ? I got a copyright claim against one of my videos, so I replaced the song, but the claim is still there. Mind helping me out? I'll appreciate it!

@ZeEpicGamer2 If you've removed/replaced the claimed segment, it should automatically released as soon as the edit is finished processing. If that didn't happen, mind sharing us a screenshot (blur/cover any personal info) so that we can look into it?

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