my amazon book list is very exciting

@tmfromva_ YES! We ADORE a good #TBR. 📚 📚 What genre takes up most of your list space!? 🗒️

@amazon self development, spirituality, and science fiction - specifically written Black authors from a POC pov

@tmfromva_ That sounds like an AMAZING list! 🤩 We have to see it now!! 👀 Send your list our way! 🗒️

@amazon If yall want to sponsor any of these I am 100% open to it :))

@tmfromva_ Hmm. 🤔 We might be able to do a little something... 😉 Send us your details here:, and we might send a surprise your way! 🎁 💌

@tmfromva_ We received your details, and we have a surprise coming your way! Please keep an eye on your e-mail for a message from us! 💌

@tmfromva_ We're so happy you love your surprises!! ❤️