Older Americans scraping by on meager increases in their Social Security checks the past decade will reap a relative windfall next year. For the average retiree who got a monthly check of $1,565 this year, the bump means an additional $92 a month in 2022. usatoday.com/story/money/20…

Social Security recipients will see monthly checks soar, but rising prices due to inflation will likely offset the benefit cnn.it/3DALkOV

@cnnbrk “Soar” … 6% … $90 on the average check …

@StefanieParty @cnnbrk That’s more than they are getting now, Mrs Vanderbilt🙄

@cnnbrk Soar? Really, soar? That increase only means $50 a month in this house. That's not seeing a check soar!! That's peanuts and doesn't come close to covering the higher prices we have to pay out. Even at the MAXIMUM it's only $200 a month. That's still NOT a SOARING check.

@cnnbrk Hell it’s something. I’ll take an extra $170 in my household

@cnnbrk Crumbs for seniors and Social Security is taxed too. They never kept up with the cost-of-living increases and people earning above $147k per year do not pay in above that amount. Mind boggling.

@baughman_eddie @cnnbrk I'll get $70. Then medicare takes its additional increase and I lose my foodstamps because I'm $14 over the limit. I'm in the hole, so hooray for you. I get to eat a few more sandwiches from the food banks.