@quenblackwell When you’re high asf

House passes voting rights bill that faces an uphill battle in the Senate amid opposition among Republicans. cnn.it/33yZHXy

@bigherm8100 @cnnbrk If that's your logic then why impede a bill to make it even better?

@cnnbrk I would like to know the GOP reasoning for opposing voting RIGHTS.

@cnnbrk When someone says it's about IDs, I immediately know they haven't read any bills. Most people have IDs so it's obviously something more.

@cnnbrk #breaking #breakingNews It’s over. So the just yesterday highly touted @SenSchumer plan to save Democracy by arcanely gamesmanshiping the Senate rules for voters rights is already dead? Sinema will NOT vote for voters rights. Plan B?

@cnnbrk #votersrights and #votersprotection acts are #bipartisan bills. therefore, they must be passed. the #FilibusterReform must be used to pass this bipartisan #legislation. This is to protect #Democracy. This is to make #Democracy more powerful than all other forms of #Governance

@cnnbrk I suggest journalists to compare the voting rights in Europe and the ones in USA. Suspension or cancellation of voting rights for certain types of crime exists in all legislations .Non residents cannot vote. ID card and electoral certificate are required for voting, and so on

@cnnbrk It is impossible for us in Europe to fully understand all the details and the implications of the new proposal for voting rights made by Dem. To properly inform, NYT and WP should made a comparison table of rights and norms regulating European vs US system, and let readers judge