The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 riot has issued four subpoenas to giant social media conglomerates after the panel said the companies provided "inadequate responses" to its initial request for documents and info over the summer

@cnnbrk So both Twitter and Facebook have sorta moved/changed their proprietary’s to LLCs due to mass lawsuits. Having limited liability claim should not be a “loop hole” that just any billionaire or politician can climb into like a warm blanket for atrocities committed. RT if you agree!

@cnnbrk Summer ended at least three or four months ago. Why so slow to subpoena?

@cnnbrk Everyone knows complying with subpoenas from congress are optional, right. Just ignore them and they'll go away in a few months. It's not as if they have any enforcement power. Even the DOJ ignores it when people flout this legal tool.

@cnnbrk That wasn't a riot but was a terrorism, I guess. Why didn't the authorities fire live ammunition to them ?