Alec Baldwin has turned over his cell phone to law enforcement officials as part of the investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of the film “Rust”

@cnnbrk He turned it over because he had to but took his sweet time doing it.

@cnnbrk Was he on the phone when shot the guy? How are his phone records relevant?

@cnnbrk Have we looked into the role of the cold November Rain in this death?

@cnnbrk The warrant was issued on December 16 and the New Mexico prosecutors' office subsequently got involved in negotiations with his attorney to obtain the phone .

@pablo567 @cnnbrk That is 100% a still frame from that video

@cnnbrk While Alec may have some responsibility in this, I want to know how a live round got there because I doubt he put the bullet in the gun. The person who did that needs to be held accountable/

@kyjablue @cnnbrk The armorer needs to be held accountable regardless of who put the bullet in the gun. It's their job to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen

@leorobsea @cnnbrk He was likely talking to his lawyer which is his right. We all have a right to the best defense possible in this country and it's important we uphold that as a given.