Tsunami advisories have been issued for the US West Coast from California to Alaska as well as New Zealand's North Island and Canada's British Columbia cnn.it/3A00AEu

@cnnbrk What’s scary about those tsunamis even small could trigger a massive earthquake on the westcoast of California which could be the one everyone dreads… what a great start for 2022

@PrinceLamix @cnnbrk Dope, almost got pissed for the bait but the vibe prevailed

@M1KE7Zero2 @cnnbrk I’m no expert but I thought earthquakes trigger tsunamis not the other way around

@ABC It's taking #USA this long to warn their citizens? What are you people doing? Sleeping on the job! When a massive earthquakes or volcano erupts & happening that should have been your priority # 1 to warn your citizens. Especially your entire USA west coast is on ring of fire!


@cnnbrk I experienced a very big earthquake in Japan. I used that experience to collect the necessary disaster prevention goods. The time will come when you need it too. Please check immediately. twitter.com/FP_KINTOUN/sta…

@cnnbrk This was shot in Medford Oregon, at 12:51 p.m. . Exactly six minutes before, the Tonga volcanic eruption. It looks to be 2 meteors crashing through the atmosphere. #space#cnn#volcano#Tonga#tsunami

✅Chmura po wybuchu 🌋Hunga #Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai🇹🇴 osiągnęła wysokość około 20km i przykryłaby prawie całą Polskę🇵🇱. Wybuch💥słyszalny był na odległość ponad 2 tys km a fala dotarła do brzegów 🇵🇪Peru odległego o 2300km. Więcej: @Wulkany1 @EarthquakeChil1 #wulkan #polska #volcano