Trevon Diggs over Darius Slay or A.J Terrell for first-team All-Pro is absolutely criminal.

@dtorres54 Don’t get me wrong dude is a ball hawk but he is not a shutdown corner

@beefthegawd & I believe he’ll get there! Ramsey wasnt at first either or Lattimore

@dtorres54 Ramsey was definitely shutting shit down

@beefthegawd this is what im referring too. In their breakout years

@beefthegawd Diggs giving up the most yards is unacceptable, but nfl voters only going to look at his picks he had all season. He’ll be better tho!

@dtorres54 Yea i think he’ll be better but he should definitely not be over those guys yet

@beefthegawd 100% agree! AJ Terrell was a dog this year