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🚨 RESULTADO DO SORTEIO #2YearsOfRare O grande vencedor é... @rarecloudd!!! PARABÉNS! 🥳 Entre em contato com o SGBR em até 24hrs. Gostaríamos de agradecer a todos que participaram e dizer que, se você não ganhou, não fique triste, haverá outras oportunidades! ❤

Most tweeted Hashtags at selenagomez: Today: #HotelTransylvania - 2.45K #GRAMMYS - 332 #HotelTransilvania4 - 220 Last 7 days: #HotelTransylvania - 1.52K #2YearsOfRare - 894 #SelenaGomez - 730 Checkout for more.

She released rare just when i was in heaven of a depression i literally left every single productivity n was completely just in mode of destroyin myself n boom there it was! This album made me realize how to unfold my wings n that i should never stop being rare! #2YearsOfRare 🦋

2 days ago we celebrated 2 years of "rare" album that changed my life. Now i'm buying the vinyl of rare and i'm the happiest person right now. Happy Birthday (again) to rare🦋🤍 #2YearsOfRare @selenagomez @SelenaFanClub

#2YearsOfRare @selenagomez happy 2 years to this amazing album I love all the songs they are so good omg and Selena can sing ,act model and cook she can do anything also she has been through a lot and yet she still gets hate for no Reason it’s so annoying if you hate Selena

She has never blackfished. People just want to try to cancel her because she can outsing all their favs. Periodt. #ArianaGrande #RPDR #2YearsOfRare…

Mengenang Era Rare. beli merch selena langsung di website ori nya, harganya sih ga mhl bgt (mhl dkit kekeke) tapi ngirim ke indo nya gilak. Tp gpp for my Queen💖 #2YearsOfRare

I love Derrick Walker. He’s playing against a full grown man and holding his own. #2YearsOfRare

#2YearsOfRare 💛🌈REminisce omfg it feels llike it was yesterday time flies so much lovE te amo ready For er adventure her dark bad bitch era

happy birthday to this beautiful album!! thanks selena for teaching us that being rare🦋💖 we love you so much @selenagomez #2YearsOfRare #SelenaGomez

¡Echa un vistazo al vídeo de zanty ferry! #TikTok… Plis es por una buena causa ayuda its for a good cause #AlDiaConShirley #2YearsOfRare #AmarProfundo

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