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Senior dinner before #20 Pendlton Indiana match tomorrow Mon 3/13 5:30 2nd 15s, 7:00 1st 15s. LETS GO #901rugby @CHSDragonFB @HHSMustangs @GermantownRed @Gtownfootball1 @YouAreHouston @gmsdk12 @Teamshabazz9

Graham Nicholos for the score vs White Station. #901rugby

What a way to wrap up our team meeting before our 1st match this weekend having @Teamshabazz9 speak to the the boys!! #901rugby #2sportathletes…

Great scrimmage match vs Memphis Inner City Rugby today helping them get read for LA. 901 got to work 3 different sides. @CHSDragonFB @GermantownRed @HHSMustangs @Teamshabazz9 @johnvarlas #901rugby #2sportathletes

@kipfrankland_ so proud of all you have accomplished and hope Rugby played a small part in the development of your character, Grit, leadership and your excellent work ethic. #2sportathletes cross train with us this spring #901rugby @HHSMustangs @GermantownRed @CHSDragonFB…

@AnthonyJonesFB Congrats coach from Justin Ransom and Michah Moreland Rugby coach...hope you encourage @2sportathletes to supplement football workouts in spring....Good luck from #901rugby

Saturday is a West TN Conference Championship 7s Rugby playoff day. Let's go #901rugby

George Vezina with poach and offload to Judd Phillips for the try vs CBHS. #901rugby #2sportathletes @Teamshabazz9

It's RUGBY time again in Tennessee; 1st Olympic 7s matches last night and @901Rugby goes 4-0 in preparation for TN State Championship Nov 19. #2sportathletes #901rugby… Yes sir best offseason training for footballers period. Get your players faster fitter and more physical @GermantownRed @GermantownRugby @Gtownfootball1 #901rugby @2sportathletes

@kipfrankland_ we are so proud or you and your incredible leadership of @NavyFB #2sportathletes #901rugby @johnvarlas @Teamshabazz9 @

@lumberjack613 @CSmithScout @BigFaceSportss @memphispreps @GermantownRed Nice to have you out this spring tonget extra 2 months I've tracking & tackling in and win TN State Championship #901rugby

@RC_2K22 @CHSDragonFB @chstv19 I see you William Toy in BEAST mode with a fumble recovery and a SACK. Must be that offseason Rugby work paying off!!!! #901rugby #2sportathletes #tackleyearround @Teamshabazz9 @johnvarlas

@bosco_dumpling @goghsreddevils @johnvarlas @iamcoachgene @Bj_blake4 @demtateboys @JDPopping @Izzy_Tate Congrats on big win - Luke to RUGBY offload pass. Hope to see somen of these men out in the spring #901rugby

Digging through old pictures today for year end banquet and look what I came across @Lincdog4 #901rugby #rugbyballer #mlrfuture

@RealStevenAdams have our year end Rugby awards banquet this Thurs 6:30pm at Memphis National love to have you out for a few minutes and talk sports, All Blacks etc #901rugby

@GermantownRugby plays in their 4th consecutive TN State Championship game today 1pm vs Ravenwood. Let bring this home #901rugby @GermantownRed @Gtownfootball1 @GHSRedDevilFB @goghsreddevils @GHSRedDevils @iamcoachgene nice way to enhance spring workouts and add some more BLING.

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