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As wildfires forced the Lake Tahoe area to evacuate today, our thoughts are with our #ACCgolf friends at @EdgewoodTahoe, @HarrahsTahoe and @harveystahoe. @ACChampionship…

📡LM#366: The Ramblings if a Madman. This weeks ramblings: -Cav sick and blew his back out (who?) -Why is #JojoSiwa famous? -#ACCGolf roundup -BTS if the Super K5 Show -#AllStarGame -Vintage video games and more…

@jtimberlake you know what question kept going through my mind each day at the #accgolf? Did they wash that towel? 😂🤷‍♀️ #hopeso

We love having you in the field! Thanks again for another year, Kira! #ACCGolf…

It was great to see @jtimberlake at the @ACChampionship ⛳️ We haven’t seen him since the end of the Man Of The Woods Tour and yes, we missed him! 🤘 #justintimberlake #accgolf #tahoe

Nothing but fun to finish off the @ACChampionship! Every round I feel less and less like a celebrity and more like a fan spectating. Cheers boys! @ShaneVictorino @BBBaumgartner #FlyinHawaiian #KevinsFavoriteChili #ACCGolf

Huge crowd following this day and it definitely wasn’t for me. It was a pleasure fellas! @Canelo @derekcarrqb #ACCGolf 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 #RaiderNation

A day late, but huge congratulations to Vinny Del Negro for winning the @ACChampionship! Hopefully I’ll be out there next year as a spectator! #ACCGolf

This moment right here getting me through Monday! 😍🔥🏌🏼‍♂️⛳ @jtimberlake @tkelce @ACChampionship #ACCGolf #ItsACelebration #Vibes

Sorry, @athielen19……Tuesday will have to be my first day back. It takes a while getting home after battling to finish T64 @ACChampionship. I could use some lessons from you before next year. #ACCGolf…

Charles Barkley lost $100,000 on himself at the American Century Championship. Here’s how:… #americancenturychampionship #ACCGolf

Hey @TODAYshow @hodakotb @SavannahGuthrie Where is the news about @DylanDreyerNBC at the #ACCGolf tournament? This was my favorite story all weekend

GolfChannel: Legendary surfer @kellyslater riding the wave (and this birdie)! 🌊🐦 #ACCGolf
#GolfChannel #GrowTheGame

GolfChannel: Come for the birdie. 🐦 Stay for "The Carlton" dance. 🕺 @alfonso_ribeiro // #ACCGolf
#GolfChannel #GrowTheGame

A moment in life I’ll never forget: Getting to see @jtimberlake bring sexy back to the golf course. ⛳️#ACCGolf

Birthday Splash 💦 2008 All-American Patrick Peterson (@P2) finished up 18 with an eagle on his birthday. #ACCGolf ⛳️ #AllAmericanBowl 🇺🇸

Oh man, my DVR cut off after Vinny Del Negro's first shot of the playoff hole #ACCGolf

Congratulations to @ACChampionship tournament winner @VinnyDHoops—and to Thomas V. for drafting the winning team in our #ACCFantasyGolf contest! #ACCgolf

.@VinnyDHoops Congrats on your win! The #celebritygolf wellness team deeply appreciated that you brought in the #ACCGolf trophy for a photo op. Also thanks to the gracious runner-up John Smoltz. A great day for the @GolfChannel and the @ACChampionship.…

Always have fun covering and following @ACChampionship each year. And when it's all over I think "Man, I can't wait for next July." Until 2022 when we do it all over again. #ACCGolf

Great finish Joe on the final day of the @ACChampionship from @EdgewoodTahoe with a 6th place finish in this amazing field of players! #LightTheTorch #ACCGolf

A weekend well spent enjoying Lake Tahoe with great golf and even better people!! @ACChampionship #acchampionship #accgolf

Que saudade de ver essa família linda assim juntinha, Papai Justin Timberlake , a linda @JessicaBiel, e o príncipe Silas que tá um rapazinho só faltou o bebê phineas 💙💙💙 #ACCgolf

And Final Round fun with @ShaneVictorino and @tjoshie7 !!! Special thanks to Will for stepping in when my caddy @clayinsb went down. #yardsale #ACCGolf @ACChampionship…

Wonderful to see @VinnyDHoops win the #ACCGolf tournament! Glad we were able to be a small part of it. @msjanetsf @ProBalanceTV #CelebrityGolf

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