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#BETPresentsTheEncore meisha and irish are not the biggest lost.. Like they shade fallon and Felicia yall DID NOT PUT IN ANY WORK! like im missing something?

OH MY GOD. The Cherish twins and the 702 sisters are all geminis #BETPresentsTheEncore

Kiely thought she was going to be queen😂😂😂😂😂😂 #BETPresentsTheEncore

@thecarlosking_ Thanks for responding... I'll def use the right hashtag!! #BETPresentsTheEncore

@bravodogmom Love new viewers. Use the right hashtag #BETPresentsTheEncore 🙌🏽🙌🏽

With 702 gone the bad energy will overflow I think. Now we have the evil twins and keily (3) and only 2 normal people left Pam and shamari #BETPresentsTheEncore

@thecarlosking_ is really putting out some great shows right now. #loveandmarriagehuntsville puts the real and reality tv. Let’s not forget about #BETPresentsTheEncore and #bellecollective aka farish street. #rhoa needs him back ASAP because it’s not giving.

Felisha is annoying like bitch your music is not all that. Them gremlins got egos problem #BETPresentsTheEncore

Aubrey said she wants Skeletons released with her vocals on it 👀 @thecarlosking_ #BETPresentsTheEncore

If Kiely don’t want to be in any group why are you hear? #BETPresentsTheEncore

Kiely this is what you wanted so please with the fake tears bitch #BETPresentsTheEncore

So Kiely tired from drinking, starting trouble and what else #BETPresentsTheEncore

Are the twins ever smile besides when they’re talking about people? They’re so miserable always w the scowl #BETPresentsTheEncore

Pam just be looking like “these bitches just don’t know when to shut the fuck up” #BETPresentsTheEncore

Kiely would have to show me she can fight because I would have fought that bitch #BETPresentsTheEncore

Yes we know Misha and Irish aren’t the best singers but guarantee if they continued to practice they would have did great. I also understand though if you keep poking the bear the bear gone attack #BETPresentsTheEncore

@thecarlosking_ I hope for next season them gremlin twins Fallon & Felisha ain’t on it because they need they’re ass whipped #BETPresentsTheEncore

Kiely follow the gremlin twins everywhere got me wondering do she want to eat them #BETPresentsTheEncore

Gremlin Fallon you just let it be known that you nothing but mouth and can’t fight #BETPresentsTheEncore

Gremlin bitches if y’all should have broken down then break down because y’all been the problem #BETPresentsTheEncore

Shamari is killing me playing both sides of the fence. Girl you can sang sang you better go record something without them other girls. Just saying #BETPresentsTheEncore

Who the fuck is jealous of the gremlin twins aka Phineas and Ferb? #BETPresentsTheEncore

That gremlin twin Felisha know she was wrong approaching Kosine like that. She also felt he was softer then other producers and honestly speaking I don’t think any producers would work with them #BETPresentsTheEncore

Them gremlin twin bitches know pushing everyone out with they ugly asses #BETPresentsTheEncore

Look @ the gremlin twins whispering because they asses scared because they know Nivea would have bussed they asses #BETPresentsTheEncore

One thing about Aubrey, she will won't quit. #BETPresentsTheEncore

Misha has a lot to say but little to contribute lol #BETPresentsTheEncore

True talk .. this old generation housemates thinks we are joking . Biggie please all 22 of them should be evicted. #BETPresentsTheEncore #BBNaijaShineYaEye #BBNaijaSeason6…

Who else started singing 🎵 I'm feeling really unappreciated 🎵 when the twins said they were feeling unappreciated lol 😬🤧 #TheEncore #EncoreBET #BETPresentsTheEncore

now i wanna fight every person on #BETPresentsTheEncore because we really had a chance to bring girl groups back

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