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I’m not exactly Voight’s biggest fan, but Jay was way out of line when he accused him of being the reason Hailey did what she did. She had already been going down that path for a while when the Kim thing happened, Jay just didn’t want to see it. #chicagopd #onechicago

The punch itself was literally breathtaking but I have to admit, what Jay said afterwards about Kevin and him finding Kim the right way was even more impactful and satisfying for me. #ChicagoPD #jayhalstead

A video collage I made featuring these incredible actors @LaRoyceHawkins @jesseleesoffer @SophiaBush @marinasqu @trspiridakos it’s my first time making one of these I hope you all enjoy my little video #ChicagoPD love this show so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Finally finished 9x04 #ChicagoPD. The most surprising part? Kevin and Jay leading the way in entering the bad guy's house WITHOUT A WARRANT. They did not mention the rules ONCE. I am still in shock 😱😱

What a scene with Voight and Halstead Gripping stuff #ChicagoPD

Just now realized we can call Hailey Jay's wife and Jay Hailey's husband soon. Like it's actually going to be canon. #Upstead #ChicagoPD

Trasse being cute, Hailey in a leather jacket, truckstead lives! I can’t handle it they look so good it’s all too much for me 😅🥰 #upstead #chicagoPD

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9x04 Review: “In The Dark” This was an episode. It’s dark, raw, emotional and heartbreaking, and it' was @trspiridakos best performance yet. #Upstead #Burzek #ChicagoPD #OneChicago…

Side thought: That punch was so warranted. I do wonder why Hank made that comment about Jay knowing the woman he was sleeping with. I also wonder if that punch was a tiny bit for Erin too though. #ChicagoPD @jesseleesoffer @trspiridakos @SophiaBush

Sometimes we think we will miss the characters from shows. But the truth is, we'll get over. #whencallstheheart #Heartland #Chesapeakeshore #ChicagoFire #Chicagomed #Chicagopd

#chicagopd est tellement meilleur que #ChicagoFire en ce moment

la scène entre Jay et Voight est juste parfaite #chicagopd

eu: sou contra armas eu vendo o jay atirar: 🥰😍 amo meu sniper #chicagopd

Omg it's been a long time since I've been this tense for an episode #chicagopd

Upstead but not the Upstead we want au 🙃 Got bored and wanted to create chaos so here enjoy some free pain - #ChicagoPD #Upstead #haileyupton #jayhalstead #OneChicago #ChicagoFire #ChicagoMed

@MattWalshBlog @benshapiro Rules for thee but not for me. #chicongo #chicagopd #lorilightfoot #VaccineMandate Chicago Sun-Times: Lightfoot’s vaccine standoff with police union moves to the courts.… via @googlenews

#ChicagoPD sound like a bunch of little bitches. whiny bitches.

@chicagosmayor @JamesCappleman I FULLY support enforcing the #ChicagoPD @Chicago_Police @ILFOP COVID vaccine or testing mandate for our city. If they dont, they should be put on UNPAID leave. They are public servants. The must protect the public, not put them at risk!

Lori Lightfoot sucks. Beetle juice lookin, un American, dictator ass minion 🖕🏻#DoNotComply #BackTheBlue #ChicagoPD

Chicago Police aircraft #N911YY (B06) was spotted near Cook County, IL at approximately 18:51 UTC squawking 1200… #CPD #ChicagoPD

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