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This rude wanker keeps engaging with me in an effort to diminish her rigjts and with it my own. I say no. #CisWithTheT says no too.…

@ProfessorRJW @LeftInRuination @TeaJunkie1 @EmsTheKat @david2020_2020 @BBCPolitics @bbcnickrobinson That's why gender is the important factor Deliberately ignoring gender is the ridiculous bit And the bit where you become a bigot and an idiot #CisWithTheT #LGBWithTheT #QueerwiththeT

Haven't seen cis people use the #CisWithTheT hashtag in a while. Would be nice to see more of it. I'd love to see cis people being trans allies all the time and not just being an ally for a week and then forgetting about us immediately after.

@designs_william @MaggieMurphy01 @keogh1992x @Georgeatasda The majority of cis women support Trans rights. Terfs do not represent us, and calling a man a misogynist purely for standing up for trans women and men is a disgusting abuse of the term and an offence to all women who have suffered misogyny #CisWithTheT

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Trans kids are trans kids. Non-binary people are non-binary. Trans rights are human rights. #CisWithTheT

Remembering all the women over the eons who have had their vaginas probed in an bull way to test this spiritual virginity cis men imposed on us because they wanted to make sure we were valid enough as women for future spouses. Your trauma is real but...but...yeah #CisWithTheT…

A big buff white buff manly buff cis boy manly man. "I'm not scared, I'm not using generalised Appeals to Authority to shut women up. Not trying to divide and conquer. A non-researching Evolutionary Biologist is an expert in Gender studies..somehow." "DEBATE" #CisWithTheT…

@Adult_Human2 @depsurrel @bindelj @MailOnline That's ludicrous. I am a cis woman who is well aware of her privilege in being happy with the box ticked at birth. #cisisnotaslur #ciswiththeT

@dox_gay Care to storm the castle? Perhaps start with a house? I have to upgrade the footwear tho...#CisWithTheT

I'm a cis woman. So is my wife. I'm not a lesbian according to this #Terf, even by their given standards. #CiswiththeT #LwiththeT…

@RussellandOzzie @RachelRMoran @radicailin @rodericogorman You said I was "scrapping" the bottom of the humour barrel; I replied I'd rather do that than be a transphobe. Not only can't you spell but you clearly don't know what a slogan is because that's not one. These are slogans: #CisWithTheT #LGBWithTheT #TransRightsAreHumanRights

The same woman who suggested: men go into ladies toilets 'tooled up' to protect their women from those not feminine enough to be in there; that you tell those you think are trans that they make you feel uncomfortable. Such hatred in her voice. Can't be good for you. #CisWithTheT…

@CircePeterson @RachelRMoran @radicailin @rodericogorman I AM a woman, and well within my right to call into question the intelligence of a transphobic idiot, regardless of their gender identity. #TransRightsAreHumanRights #LGBWithTheT #CisWithTheT

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