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The REAL question of leadership is "do you care?" 🤔 Everyone wants to be a leader, but not many people want to take on the responsibility of being a leader... WATCH FULL VIDEO NOW ➡️… | @TobiArayomi #elevate2023 #leadership

How to become contestable in tech with innovation? Intelligent decision making on board level in order to be prepared when to indulge int a new technology. This will be decisive in the run of conquering new markets. #elevate2023

Technology is not a product. Combination will be the catalyst to innovate and create new opportunities: the vast array of possible combinations and the creativity in mixing components is what becomes a success. #elevate2023 #innovationleadership

Thanks to all of you who joined us at #Elevate2023!  It was an awesome #conference and an absolute pleasure to explain and demonstrate how the #ActionableXactimateProfile works to all industry professionals.  Thank you, #Verisk, for inviting us to be part of the Elevate magic!

This time we took a step into the darker side of the web and read through some of your HATE comments 👀 Here's what you had to say to @TobiArayomi ➡️➡️➡️… 😅 #elevate2023 #mindset #business #entrepreneurship

Excellent panel on the financial sector and navigating the current headwinds at #elevate2023 @SalesforceVC

“One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” –Benjamin Disraeli "Most people say what's mine, won't pass me by", but what if it can and it will if you're not READY when it comes? 🤔 #elevate2023 #mindset #business #entrepreneurship

Registration for #ELEVATE2023 is now open! Discover new ways of working, practical advice and tips, and ideas for growth. The agenda will be announced shortly and why not share your story at ELEVATE with our call for papers. - We'll see you there!

So many wonderful connections and memories made here at Elevate—we are excited to facilitate the roundtable this afternoon! #elevate2023

Thank you for sharing your insights and sparking new collaborations with us at LoftyInc. We look forward to elevating the African startup scene together! #ELEVATE2023 #LoftyIncVC #FundingAfropreneurs 🇨🇮🚀🌍

What is it that they say: "don't be angry about the results you didn't get, with the work you didn't put in" 🙃 SUCCESS requires INVESTMENT. So it's time to make an investment that'll change your life ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #elevate2023 #mindset #business #entrepreneur

Your MINDSET changes EVERYTHING. Be in a room where you're MINDSET has to be elevated. 2023 HAS to be different ➡️ #elevate2023 #mindset #business #entrepreneurship

200+ HR professionals attended the panel discussion moderated by Marquis Miller of @ObamaFoundation, learning about ways workplaces can implement DEI strategy, take action, and achieve meaningful goals. @ChicagoSHRM #LIVEUNITED #Elevate2023

Our very own Tamiya Aurel, Chief People & Equity Officer, was thrilled to join fellow DEI leaders Samir Desai of @NorthShoreWeb, Ellen Steele Kapoor of @ITWCareers, and Chantee Eldridge of @stradaeducation at last week’s @ChicagoSHRM Elevate conference. #LIVEUNITED #Elevate2023

The first day of presentations is in the books and we are hearing terrific feedback from attendees! #elevate2023

Part of what made #Elevate2023 so special were the guest speakers who shared perspectives on everything from leadership to inclusion. Thank you to Mark Jackson, Kristin Malek, Joel Neeb, Kevin Plexico, Rhonda Vetere & Jon Williams for giving insights on enhancing life & business!

“What you're supposed to do when you don't like a thing is change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it. Don't complain.” - Maya Angelou ➡️➡️➡️ #elevate2023 #mindset #business #entrepreneurship

Shout out to @V3Gate for the invite to #Elevate2023! Our CEO, Patrick Vaughan, had a blast connecting with industry leaders and soaking up all the wisdom from amazing #inspirational speakers. Cheers on such a successful, impactful event. 🎉

Thank you so much for staying tuned into our #ELEVATE2023 live tweet session! We are so grateful for all of the speakers, sponsors and attendees that came today! If you’re interested in learning more about us, visit

Wrapping up #ELEVATE2023 with our good friend, @loran_nordgren as he closes us out with his keynote session on the “fuel - based mindset” and what ignites our desire to change!

5 critical steps to digitize HR: Have a strategic vision, question work processes, choose a solution, implement w/expert help, inform employees and teach them the new ways of working ~Katerina Karalis #Elevate2023

One last session at #Elevate2023 before our final keynote! We’re happy to welcome Katerina Karalis from @cegid_ww as she presents her case study on how digitization enhances employee retention! #Elevate2023

Welcome our next session speakers Bob Lemke @GrantThorntonUS , Adam Swanlund @ElevanceHealth and Gerre Anne Harte of @ILDeptofLabor as they speak on Pay Equity & Transparency! #ELEVATE2023

“You are on a DEI journey whether you know it or not. People feel whether you are intentional about it.” -Ellen Steele Kapoor @ITWCareers cc @ChicagoSHRM #ELEVATE2023

Finally the talk I've been waiting for @ #ELEVATE2023 ! How I Created 3 Games During Sabbatical - Allison Liemhetcharat (Founder, Atas Fun) #IWD2023

We’re back after our lunch break for #ELEVATE2023 with our DE&I Leader discussion! Joining us are Samir Desai @NorthShoreWeb , Ellen Steele Kapoor @ITWCareers , Chantee Eldridge @stradaeducation and Tamiya Aurel @unitedwaychi!! Moderating is Marquis Miller @ObamaFoundation !

Thanks to Stephanie for her case study!! We’re rolling into our Legal Updates with our partners William Tarnow and Jason Kim @NGE_Law!! Tweet us your HR questions for these guys!! #Elevate2023

V3Gate Foundation was honored to donate $12,500 to @VailVetsProgram at V3Gate's annual sales summit, #Elevate2023 in Vail Valley, CO. We sincerely appreciated Vice Chairman and retired Army Captain Dawn Halfaker joining us to accept the donation!

We’re back in our next session with @Allstate VP of HR People Solutions & Experience, Stephanie Roseman as she conducts a case study for “Involving Employees in Building the Future Workspace”. Tweet your questions and thoughts w/ the hashtag below! #Elevate2023

Five amazing CHROs @yve_kennedy of Kennedy Talent Strategies, Cheryl Lewis of @RegalRexnord , Amy Bastuga of @RadioFlyer, Michelle Miller of @IdealIndustries, and Evan Swidler @iriworldwide give their predictions and insight for HR in 2023! #Elevate2023

Thank you to our keynote speaker, Marquis Miller @ObamaFoundation!! We are so happy to have him!! Tell us some of your key takeaways from Marquis’ session? #elevate2023

If you're a PowerPlan user, don't miss your chance to attend ELEVATE, our premier user conference with tracks for Tax, Accounting, IT and more. All the details here: #PowerPlan #ELEVATE #ELEVATE2023 #SanDiego

True equity means adding the A (accessibility) and providing for people the resources or access to the resources to actively engage. #MarquisMiller #keynote #Elevate2023

“Training is for dogs. Learning is for human beings.” -Marquis Miller @ObamaFoundation *🎤 drop* #Elevate2023

Mr. Miller challenges leadership that run into problems with DE&I to always look at what’s the end game? What are your goals for DE&I? Change in systems = better outcome!! #Elevate2023

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