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@elonmusk #TwitterFiles2 leaves me thinking we need to see all the communications regarding COVID/vax/masks/lockdowns between: -White House & Twitter -CDC, FDA, NIH & Twitter - #Fauci daughter & whoever -Medical institutions & Twitter -Facebook, Google, & Twitter

@DrNeilStone I'll never forget people who suffered and died as a result of the censorship of doctors who had a different approach to treating the "pandemic" but were denied a public platform. In the #USA, only #Fauci's voice was elevated above all others.

@RevMichaelGran1 @JudicialWatch Dr Fauci didn’t lie. He had to deal with Trump, you know, like, you can inject bleach into your veins. Dr Fauci had to intervene so many times that Trump bungled things up. Nope,BIGLY kudos to the man. He saved many lives. #Fauci

@BBCWorld Lui ha distrutto famiglie intere 💉💉👿👿🇮🇹.#fauci 👿


@byoblu Che poi quale scienza? Quella del FARABUTTO #Fauci?🤔 Parlasse di ciò che conosce #Sciarra, farebbe più bella figura. Che poi... Un laureato in Giurisprudenza che parla di SCIENZA, già fa ORRORE.

@DavidJMarcone @JudicialWatch You obviously are talking out your a$$. Give me one, just one, FACTUAL piece of information proving your mute point. #FauciSavesLives #Fauci

New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who #DiedSuddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine… #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #FauciFiles #Fauci

@JudicialWatch For WHAT??? For being a public servant for more than 50 years?!! A career that began under Ronald Reagan, and 6 subsequent Presidents. Dr. Fauci received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from George Bush. You’re barking up the wrong tree, that’s for sure!! #Fauci #publicservice

@FMannuss @hotspyd Er müsste doch nur ein paar dutzend mal "Ich kann mich nicht erinnern !" sagen, klappte bei #Scholz und #Fauci doch auch.

@DrJBhattacharya @NIH @gbdeclaration In other words actions by #Fauci and others directly led to poor outcomes ? Criminal actions ?

@bariweiss @DrJBhattacharya One immediately wonders if a well-timed call from #fauci or Collins to Twitter about this “fringe” scientist triggered this action

@abbynormal75 @jackhintonKY @defundNYCouncil @mattsart7 @kylegriffin1 @DNC As long as AMERICA is talking about #21stCenturyCuresAct and mandated sale of #StrategicPETROLEUMreserves to fund the deadly #Covid19 #Pandemic and #NIH/#fauci with 4.8 Billion of our Tax Dollars and #BidenFoundation 1.8 BILLION for their involvement with the vaccines ...GREAT !

Don't even get me started on #Fauci and #Covid_19 lies by #FDA #WHO and all the other agencies that #BillGates have a hand in as well. The world do not trust you because of these BAD actors which are #US citizens. Supression of free speech through #FB #Zuckerberg and #Media

Er Scholzt jetzt auch 🤷🏻‍♂️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #Fauci sagte während der Aussage über Absprachen mit sozialen Medien 174 Mal „Ich erinnere mich nicht“. ⬆️⬆️⬆️ @SHomburg @DrPuerner…

I did not take the #shot they call 'vaccine', which it is not. I will not let them stick me with this #poison they call #covid #covid19 'vaccine'. How many YOUNG people are dying daily from #fauci lies? #fauciLiedMillionsDied

Not gonna lie, when I heard we were handing over the Merchant of Death, I thought they meant #Fauci.

#illustration by M.A.R.S. for Nebelspalter. Who is M.A.R.S. ? Any idea ? #Fauci

Maccheddavero? Viene fuori che esisteva #censura targata #woke per fottere le elezioni a #Trump!? E gli stessi censori erano i servizievoli corifei di #Fauci e dei progressisti europoidi? Ma non sarà la solita teoria del #gomblotto? @Curini @NicolaPorro @LaVeritaWeb @giubileif

@NMQF #MyFluStory Easy story I have had the flu. I got better. I have closely followed the Doctors who were silenced by #Fauci the big Pharma PIMP It'll NEVER trust #dRNA delivery. Too new & no long term studies. I've lost trust in the medical system. #FauciLiedMillionsDied

@Karl_Lauterbach Krass. Die zwei Top #Lügner auf einem Bild. #Fauci We won’t forget 🫵🏼

@Yaoxizo @ider1468 @HipotesisPoder ¿Donde está los estudios RCT par Revisados que tu argumentas "evitan o ralentizan contagio"? Si los tienes, se los pasas a #Fauci porque ni él pudo responder esto ante el Congreso Norteamericano durante 7 horas. ¿Se entiende así?

@JamesMelville @BorisJohnson knew this @CMO_England knew this #Fauci knew this @neil_ferguson knew this @uksciencechief knew this #ProfRebeccaAllen knew this They all knew this. They were briefed and told what to say and what to do. Everyone of these people should now stand trial

we don’t have Coronaviruses vaccines because it mutates. The vaccine it’s a gene based injection Early treatment was vital But Dr Fauci failed at early treatment and low mortality. #Fauci lied committed genocide…

Turns he was right all along..people who take the vaccine become 'Dead' ends #ClimateScam #fauci…

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