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Morning session with @UnderSecKvaal. TRIO working and getting ready for our Hill visits, at the @COETalk 2023 Legislative Conference. #TRIOWorks #FirstGen #COEPS2023

We provide an inclusive platform for students from underserved communities in academia, including but not limited to those with #disabilities, #firstgen, lower #SES and other marginalized groups. @PhDVoice

We're so looking forward to hearing from CSU @DominguezHills' very own #FirstGen Prof @iara_mantenuto at the Grad School funding workshop on 03/24. Save this tweet for details!

Da ich auch zur #FirstGen zähle (und sehr bewusst als Vertrauensdozent für @boeckler_de tätig bin): Ich habe lange für meine Diss und für meine Habilitation gebraucht. Die Umzüge und das Einleben in den #BeNeLux-Ländern waren zeitintensiv. (15/16)   #ichbinhanna #ichbinreyhan

Ganz abgesehen von anderen Hindernissen, die viele überwinden müssen...wer als #firstgen an die Uni kommt, kann sich oft eine wiss Karriere nicht vorstellen,andere schreiben zu "falschen" Themen, müssen sonstige Hindernisse überwinden,zB als POC - all das kostet Zeit u Kraft 5/5

Research has always been @StuermlingerL's passion. She loves the variety of tasks & critical thinking involved in research. #firstgen #research #dreamjob #PhD #AcademicChatter

Wie ein Beitrag der Österreicherin @barbarablaha über ihren #Unieinstieg als #firstgen die Gemüter erhitzt.

Our international colleagues and friends will struggle even more to get visas. #ichbinReyhan, BPoC, women, #firstgen academics & ppl w/ disabilities will all bear the brunt of this development and marginalized even more . This needs to be an intersectional fight!

If TikTok goes down I’m deleting my Facebook/ IG/ and recycling my oculus #ditchmeta I may not be an influencer but I have 20 family members who will join #firstgen #eldest

This is huge,As a #firstgen Turkish-American,I remember the relief of the Turkish mother when I helped translate as she delivered her baby.Patients feel safer and outcomes are better all across.we must work together to increase representation of URiM #MedTwitter #Physiatry #meded…

Important findings here. #MedTwitter, I’m a #FirstGen Mexican-American who recently matched #physiatry at @Columbia_Rehab @WCMRehabMed. DMs are open. Here to help if I can. #RepresentationMatters ♥️…

I am so proud to say that I matched at my #1, #Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program!! From being a little black girl who had never even met a black physician- To becoming one herself… all I can say is God is good!!! #FirstGen #Match2023 #DukeIM @IMResidencyDuke

Join us in welcoming Anny Stoyan as our new senior #college advisor! “The mission of serving #firstgen students is what attracted me to ScholarMatch. Being able to help students succeed brings me so much joy.” Welcome to the team, Anny! Meet Anny:

I'm glad we're seeing more attention paid to the barriers to success for #firstgen college students, but i'm starting to see a standard narrative emerge that sets up being first-generation as a malady to be cured, and as a member of that group myself, i don't like that at all

and not gonna lie: i've given talks everywhere but -- and i'm #firstgen, remember -- oxford is a bit intimidating. i mean, what do i wear?! gauging audience when writing also a bit tricky since i just presume they already know everything haha.

"Thank you for pairing me with my strong, driven, and kind-hearted Fellow, Naila! Our Fellows inspire the mentors every day." - Naina, NY Mentor Coach #MentorCoachMonday #inspiration #mentorshipmatters #firstgen

We love to see and hear stories of #firstgen students who have broken barriers and are living out one of their many dreams! Check out Rosalinda, #firsgen student from @WUSTL, tell her story!:…

The Early Action deadline for applying to the 2023 Aspire Leaders Program for Cycle 2 is only 2 days away! Unsure of how to apply? Watch this quick video. The application should only take about 15-20 minutes, so don't wait! #aspireleadersprogram #leadershipdevelopment #firstgen

Tomorrow, Mar. 21 at 12 PM ET | Learn how first-generation students at Rollins use their experiences to make an impact in the field of public health. Register: #FirstGen #FirstGeneration #MPHStudent

I still can’t believe this moment. And letting my mom open the envelope was everything I wanted. Joy, relief, excitement, every emotion. From being the son of immigrant parents to a doctor, I have a job as an ER resident physician. #Match2023 #doproud #firstgen #latinodoctor

@tkaiser_science Auch wenn's dem Klischee widerspricht: Ich bin tatsächlich handwerklich einigermaßen begabt. Müssen die #FirstGen Superkräfte sein.

Today’s #MotivationMonday quote comes from Saron, an 11th grader. Saron says, “it is okay to ask for help. We all need a little guidance in life.” #firstgen #lifeadvice

Excited to have matched dermatology at Dell for residency! Even just a few years ago, I never imagined I'd end up in medicine and in such an amazing specialty. So grateful to everyone who supported me #match2023 #dermtwitter #medtwitter #firstgen #latinasinmedicine #careerchange

Learn more about how your #HigherEd institution will benefit from joining the #FirstScholarsNetwork. Join us TODAY at 2 pm ET for an Interest Meeting & connect w/our team! The application is open until April 28.…. #FirstGen

Thanks @UofLSuccess I love my pin and as a newly tenured Associate Professor of #Nursing I will wear it proudly #firstgen @UofL_Nursing

We also welcomed back Future Link alumni, now self-sufficient professionals, as panelists to share their professional journeys with our current students. #education #networking #healthcare #tech #business #entrepreneurship #socialwork #firstgen #nextgenworkforcedevelopment

And that's the moment I realise my own interview was [coughs] 9 (nine!) years ago⏳⌛️ Possibly the most stressful day of my life! #FirstGen #MemoryLane…

👇Jetzt wäre ja vielleicht – wenn tatsächlich noch mal grundsätzlicher rangegangen wird und "eine neue geteilte Vision", die über #WissZeitVG hinausgeht, gesucht wird, der Zeitpunkt, hier noch mal inklusiver vorzugehen. #IchBinHanna #IchBinReyhan #firstgen #ProfsFürHanna…

So as a start, I genuinely believe, Bipoc academics should go on their own strike, along with #firstgen, chronically-ill academics & anyone who identified as marginalized. 11

Some of you reached out to me in private about what can marginalized groups (Bipocs, #firstgen, disabled etc ) do to improve their situation in light of #ichbinhanna & Germany's catastrophic academic "reforms" #WissZeitVG, here's my view, a 🧵: 1

@jesusortizpazfr @FuerzaRegidafr how many retweets for you to pull up to my graduation party? #firstgen🎓 #michoacano

I thought long hours and weekend grinds = determination. I burnt out. I started prioritizing my 🧠 health and worried about work less. I just made the biggest commission ever and I’m proud I valued myself first ☝️. Take that geezers!! #marketing #WomeninBusiness #firstgen

@ADiaz_PhD My oldest son will be graduating from college this May. He and his siblings will not be a #FirstGen, but I was…. Being #FirstGen can change the trajectory of a family for generations. #LastingImpact

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