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Rain chances increase again early next week, with the best chance along with a few thunderstorms when a cold front moves through on Tuesday. This storm is still a few days away, so keep up to date with the forecast at ☔️🌩️#stlwx #midmowx #ilwx #mowx

The 12z model blend data shows the best chances of snow into far northern IL, WI, & into portions of MI through the early weekend. Best chances of seeing over 1" look to be into southern WI & central MI. #ILwx #INwx #WIwx #MIwx #OHwx

Wednesday 12/7/22 Quick4Cast. Cloudy today and rainy tomorrow. What you need to know in 30 seconds. Check the KMOV weather app for more forecast details #mowx #ilwx #stlwx #4FirstAlert

Morris IL at 12:03 PM,temp 42.5 rh 83 pct, wind W at 2.1, gusting to 8.0, heat index 42.5, rain today 0.00, max today 42.8, min 37.5 #ilwx

Here's a look at temperatures across the Quad Cities Area. #QCWx #iawx #ilwx

The fog may have cleared but the clouds will not! Temps this afternoon will range from the upper 40s to lower 50s #mowx #ilwx #stlwx #4FirstAlert

Fog has been pretty stubborn this morning.... Visibility as of 11:30 AM is still around 1 mile for parts of Central Illinois. #ilwx

12/7/22 Midday Update: Cloudy skies across the tri-state. We are seeing the clouds break up to our NW. Temperatures really haven't moved from early this morning. We will see a little sunshine this afternoon. #tristatewx #inwx #ilwx #kywx

Overcast in Paducah KY tonight so Mars occultation is no go #kywx #ilwx

A foggy morning will leave us with a cloudy afternoon! Rain arrives late tonight and will be heaviest through midday tomorrow #mowx #ilwx #stlwx #4FirstAlert

🌫️ A Dense Fog Advisory continues for portions of eastern Iowa and northwest Illinois through noon. Expect reductions on visibility to a quarter mile or less, making for difficult driving conditions! Cold temps could make for slippery conditions as well! 🚗 #iawx #ilwx

Went out in the very thick fog early this morning to snag some DSLR pics. Glad I did. Last one is an iPhone shot but the colors are cool. Never seen fog so thick in my life at times. During the first and second pic it was far under 1/4 mile visibility #ilwx #wxtwitter

NWS Alert> Updated: Dense Fog Advisory is in effect in Fulton and Knox Counties in IL until Noon #ilwx…

NWS Alert> Updated: Dense Fog Advisory is in effect in Henderson, Henry, McDonough, Mercer, Rock Island and Warren Counties in IL until Noon #ilwx…

A lunar occultation will occur tonight as the Moon will pass in front of Mars and hide it from view for a short time. This rare event will be visible in our area between 9-10pm (telescope not needed). Unfortunately it will be mostly cloudy but try anyways. #ilwx #moon #mars

Morning fog should dissipate in the next hour or so, but mostly cloudy skies are expected to remain. Rain is expected to move in Thursday afternoon lasting into Friday AM. Some snow could mix in especially north of I-90. #ilwx #Chicago

Morris IL at 09:03 AM,temp 40.0 rh 90 pct, wind W at 1.0, gusting to 3.0, heat index 39.9, rain today 0.00, max today 40.0, min 37.5 #ilwx

Winter is warming faster than other seasons in Illinois, and the most extreme (cold) temps are shifting faster than moderate temps. The probability of an average temperature < 20°F in mid-December is 23% based on the long-term average, compared to 15% in the last 30 years. #ilwx

"Normal" is based on the 1991-2020 climate normals, which is a bit different than the longer-term average temperature. Daily max/min/mean temperature normals from Chicago O'Hare are shown here, source: @NOAANCEI #ilwx 2/3

Going to @theAGU next week in Chicago? @NWSCPC 6-10 day outlooks for the week leaning/likely warmer and wetter than normal. So, maybe leave the parka and bring the umbrella... or bring both #ilwx 1/3

Here's a look at temperatures across the Quad Cities Area. #QCWx #iawx #ilwx

@met_cooper Puddles of fog right now through Naperville. #ilwx

Today's forecast is AM Clouds/PM Sun with a high of 45F and a low of 35F. #Chicago #weather #chiwx #ilwx

Getting a jump start on weekend plans? You can expect some dry time, but you'll want to keep an eye on the potential for at least some rain on Saturday. Stay tuned for more updates as we near the end of the work week! #MOwx #ILwx #STLwx

Dense Fog Advisories are in place across the region this morning w/ areas of limited visibility. While a lot of locations will see fog ending mid to late morning, a few locations could see fog linger through midday! #INwx #ILwx #OHwx #WIwx #MIwx

Tracking fog out the door this Wednesday morning. Dense Fog Advisory includes Peoria and Tazewell counties. Low beams! #ILwx @25NewsWEEK

TODAY'S OUTLOOK: 1️⃣: Dense fog early 🌫 2️⃣: Few peeks of sun ☁ 3️⃣: Mild afternoon 🌡 Drive safe this morning folks! #ILwx #WIwx @MyStateline

TODAY'S OUTLOOK: 1️⃣: Dense fog early 🌫 2️⃣: Few peeks of sun ☁ 3️⃣: Mild afternoon 🌡 Drive safe this morning folks! #ILwx #WIwx @MyStateline

12/7/22 Morning Update: Cloudy and Cool this morning. Most of the Showers have pushed out of the area. Patchy Dense Fog will continue this morning. Temperatures range from the mid 40's to mid 50's #tristatewx #inwx #ilwx #kywx

We won't see much of the sun for the next week! We'll be cloudy & mild today, with rain moving in by Thursday afternoon and lingering into Friday morning. We'll dry out but keep the clouds through the weekend. #ilwx #uiuc #chambana

Morris IL at 06:15 AM,temp 38.8 rh 91 pct, wind NNE at 2.0, gusting to 5.0, heat index 38.8, rain today 0.00, max today 39.0, min 37.5 #ilwx

A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect until 10AM for the gray shaded counties. Visibility could drop to 1/4 of a mile or less, creating hazardous driving conditions. Lowest visibilities are expected in the far west & northwest counties. #ilwx

Dense Fog Advisory expanded to include Lincoln, Springfield, Decatur, and Mattoon #ILwx

Morris IL at 06:03 AM,temp 38.9 rh 92 pct, wind N at 0.8, gusting to 4.0, heat index 38.9, rain today 0.00, max today 39.0, min 37.5 #ilwx

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