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John Wall for Westbrook?!? Oh mannn oh man.. Wall is 2 years younger, better defender. Better shooter? Idk that’s not that bad of an option depending how the next month or so goes. What y’all think? #LakeShow #NBA #Rockets #NBAFinals

Not sure what to do with another #Lakers off day?? Go listen to the latest episode of @lakerscarpool! #LakeShow #LakersNation 💜💛…

In 23 games, Anthony Davis ranks number 28 in the NBA for BLK% this season at 5.6 #AnthonyDavis #LAL #LakeShow #LakerNation #NBA

@Lakers fans keep looking for an answer, well I've found the perfect man to motivate the team. Let's get @TedLasso in the locker room for a pep talk. #tedlasso #lakers #lakeshow #staplescenter @cryptocomarena #losangeles #cosplay

I stood by this team when they signed Deng and Mosgov TO THE MAX. You think a 12-12 team with 3 superstars can break me!? 🙄 boah I was giving D’ Lo future HOF 1st ballot takes on this app not too long ago. I’m built different. 💜💛 #LakeShow

PARTIDOS DE ESTA SEMANA 🗓️🏀 Martes 7/12 vs. Celtics (L) Jueves 9/12 vs. Grizzlies (V) Viernes 10/12 vs. Thunder (V) Domingo 12/12 vs. Magic (L) ¿Predicciones? 🤔 #LakeShow

@Dame_Lillard It's time to come home, bruh.. then drive past that mf on your way to LA to join the #LakeShow and get that much deserved chip.

Lakers play basketball tomorrow against the Cs! Am I ready ? Probably not! But it is what it is… bring on the stress @Lakers 🤣🤣 #LakeShow

like I always say when ur a #LakeShow media will criticize everything u do had that be Kawhi KD or Harden media would’ve brushed it under the rug 🙄…

Yk I’ve had a great few days not having to worry about the lakers and the frustration that comes with watching them. Can today slow down? #lakeshow

So much talk about Lebron and the big huevos celebration lately, felt I should drop my all time fav 🥚🥚 #LakeShow #MambaMentality

Semana cargada con 4 partidos para Los Angeles Lakers: 7/12 🆚 Boston Celtics 9/12 🆚 Memphis Grizzlies 10/12 🆚 Oklahoma City Thunder 12/12 🆚 Orlando Magic ¿Balance? #LakeShow

RyanNAlexander bought LeBron James Metallic Gold LE Series 2 #177 for $2199 (0.68 ETH) (Floor: $2480) 🚀 #LakeShow…

LeBron James and the #Lakers are forced to address the elephant in the room. #LakeShow #NBA…

@Carrie_Jeanne I can surely wait. Coz I don't want to be miserable. Still Gonna watch the game tho. Just love that damn team too much. #LakeShow

I wonder there’s been no Shams/Woj bomb on the firing of Frank Vogel I’d figure if Jeanie didn’t fire him on this long break she isn’t going to #LakeShow

New episode! The Lakers have us a little frustrated! In this episode we vent about: *Defensive focus *THT's minutes *AD's free throws And more! @BlueWireHustle #LakerNation #LakeShow Listen now!…

Las expectativas por Talen en defensa son enormes. Sin dudas el staff ve algo en las prácticas que no se plasma del todo en los partidos, porque esta temporada Talen está siendo un colador. Con él cancha #LakeShow tienen un DefRtg de 109 (la media en la liga es 108.7).…

What else have you enjoyed this NBA season? #NBA75 #LakeShow #NBATwitter

Hey @AntDavis23 & @KingJames do you got this kinda dawg and excitement in you? Can you make the arena rock like this? Look at the fire from all the players! And @JeanieBuss You actually think Vogel can motivate this team? Not a chance! #LakeShow…

NBA Follow Train 🚂 #NBATwitter Some 🐐 s to follow: @MySPOView @NathanJ04060931 @2xgocrazy2 @ChagNba @SpoonOfZeke @NorthernGalaxy3 FOLLOW EVERYONE WHO: 🏀 LIKES/RT/COMMENTS ON THIS 🐐 RT FOR MORE AUDIENCES 🏀 FOLLOW ME @Reese_eeee FOR MORE #LakeShow 🐐 REPLY WITH “👑"

Lakers fans were hating on Marc Gasol, to only find out they will replace him with Deandre Jordan. #LakeShow…

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