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LeBron James mocked as '#LeSnitch' and '#LeKaren' after ejecting heckling fans from game and then is fined after making obscene gesture — during same contest…

@LadyJustice6910 Was that @KingJames yelling in the background?? Sure sounded like it!! #LeSnitch 😂

@KingJames A lot of people hate on you. I appreciate you being #brave and being and perfect example for the kids of exactly how NOT to be. #Thanksgiving #LeSnitch #NBA #BLM #AustralianLivesMatter

Doesn't surprise me one bit. @KingJames is a China bought and paid for divisive and evil piece of human filth. Just sayin... #BabyBackBitch #LeSnitch…

The Memes Flow and #LeSnitch Trends After Lebron James Loses It on Fans During a Game…

@iam_johnw2 I don't think anyone is saying what those two did was acceptable, but I think it's more abou the meme of how pathetic Lebron looks, hince the meme #LeSnitch

Butt-Hurt & MAGA Twitter Gets #LeSnitch Trending Because LeBron James Gets Tasteless Fans Ejected

Aww poor multi millionaire that steals Jordans number aka LeBitch the snitch James can't handle fans heckling so he gets them kicked out of the game, Jordan wouldn't have done that, he would have been a man so maybe stop using a number you will never earn. LeBron James #LeSnitch

#LeSnitch isn't going to get a Triple Double

“Yes, your honor. It was those 2wo fans right there.”#LeSnitch

Bron Starting 2 Crack..Suspension, Fines, Obscene Gestures,Unruly Fans,Altercations,Other Players who don’t respect ya..Not the all loving Mr NBA guy,but can’t handle the VillainRole either..where can I get them @EnesKanter #Freedom Shoes? #LeSnitch #LeChina #LeBitch #NotTheGoat

@jhoffman You're a hack & a sell out. Your work goes largely ignored now. "Entire Internet Dunks on Donald Trump Jr. After He Tries To Take on LeBron James" is the title of your latest attack. It conveniently ignores the 300k likes the #LeSnitch tweet got You are not a journalist

They were actually showing the hypocrisy you left commies are. #LeSnitch…

Amy is a weak loser who could give 2 shits about anyone besides herself!! #LeSnitch…

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