@thefreebased @Clubhouse thinks #mayomonkeysgottago is less offensive than being able to refute #whiteGenocide? #Clubhouse ? What's your policy on accounts that weaponize the reporting system? Why is @FireMarshalM1 being punitively scapegoated and punished?…

@maceoshi and @hood_brujaa are two of the accounts @Clubhouse that encouraged their room to falsely mass report me because we disagree. I think calling all humans monkeys and that all humans matter and they believe calling for #mayomonkeysgottago (white genocide) is no big deal.

@factandrumor Do you not see the daily viral posts on this platform? For gods sake Black twitter just had #mayomonkeysgottago trending a few weeks ago with talks of killing all White people. No one will benefit from the racially based hatred leftists are whipping up.…

@Chokovitblek Where are the daily antiblack viral posts like the daily viral posts on this platform? For gods sake Black/woke twitter just had #mayomonkeysgottago (Hilarious name for a slur btw) trending with talks of killing all Whites. Its non-stop

@GoSaints8 @stephlovah_533 Do you not see the daily viral posts on the platform you're on? For gods sake Black+woke twitter had #mayomonkeysgottago trending last month with talks of killing all Whites. Leave your bubble then look in any direction…

@smc429 @Variety The irony is too much. We had yet another speaker at one of our top universities (Yale) openly rant about killing Whites a few months ago. For gods sake woke/Black twitter had #mayomonkeysgottago trending 2 weeks ago with talks of killing all White people…

Hello kind Twitter users! Anyone trying to trade their Shellmet for my Karrablast on PokeMMO for the trade evolution? 😊😊 #MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO

@tsukixxmoon yeaaa lol same. the people that were complaining about #MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO trending made me extremely fucking embarrassed LOL

#MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO trended on @Twitter I think SOME people are interested in #whiteGenocide . They should stop advice for it's making some people cranky. Bad idea.…

#MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO Don't ask if the Police are Systemically Racist, ask if Black People are Systemically Criminal

#MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO 😂 you ignants have NO idea. #BlackTwitter control your black racists before they get some of us mad? #WaukeshaMassacre #Waukesha #WaukeshaChristmasParade isn't forgotten about. Neither is some peoples insults about #KyleRittenhouse #TwitterRacism…

@h3h3productions You apparently missed the #MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO controversy that called for the genocide of white people. Racial slurs only enable people like these to be racist openly.

#MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO Let's try this... #PORCHMONKEYSGOTTAGO Let's see how long it stays up 😀

@gatitoyquack To the people saying black folks can't be racist to white folks, go to #MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO and #whitepeopleoverstepping , they literally discuss how to kill white people

We know who the real racists are now teehee #MAYOMONKEYSGOTTAGO

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