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Maintenant que les gens savent que c'est la meuf invisible la traître, on peut s'intéresser au vrai mystère de MHA ? Que cache la chambre d'internat de Mineta !!!?? #MHASpoilers

#MHASpoilers #MHA335 i don't think it's bad that they put a side character with little attention as the traitor, it gives the opportunity to know her and her reasons, even if they seem obvious and everyone think they know everything beforehand

Gonna make a thread of potential Toru Traitor foreshadowing. #MHASpoilers

#MHASpoilers dónde quedó el desarrollo de personaje?! Volvió a ser lo mismo de siempre, f

#bnha335 #MHA335 #MHASpoilers Fuck All of yall who said Hagakure is the traitor. Stub ya toe.

Shigaraki and Hagakure discussing the plan of her going to UA and to get informations #MHA335 #mhaspoilers

#MHASpoilers #MHA335 hagakure: you don't get it. you don't get what it's like living you're entire life invisible to everyone you love. you don't get what it's like to live life and not being acknowledged. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE PRACTICALLY NON-EXISTENT

Descubre que detalles presagiaban a Hagakure como la traidora. Actualice unos cuantos detalles.… #MHA335 #MHASpoilers #BNHA335 #MHA #BNHA #BNHAspoilers #hagakure #toruhagakure

HUGE #MHASpoilers #MHA335 BELOW I can’t believe i didnt immediately recognize hagakure and needed a random insta post to spell it out for me im an idiot. I was just like oh great ANOTHER new character lmao. Tho honestly? Still might be another new chara. Keeps happening

Damn dude, I was wondering was what was up with Hagakure too! I felt like we hadn’t seen anything to do with her for awhile, now we know… #MHA335 #MHASpoilers . . . . . . . . .

@wilo_hiei Pour le coup ça aurait été bien si elle avait un caractère attachant surtout vu que c'est une classe mais on attend juste . #MHA335 #MHASpoilers

#MHASpoilers . . . . . . . QUÉ QUÉ QUÉEEE pensé en muchos posibles traidores, pero nunca en ella igual aún no es un hecho (?)

#MHA335 #MHASpoilers I hope that Eri will rewind Deku's ligaments and thus reverse all sustained damage, so he can use them in his fighting style again, or maybe with Chisaki's help. She would rewind him giving back his arms to then use his quirk to repair the damage in Deku’s.

#MHASpoilers - - - - - - On parle pas assez des pertes qu’a subit All Might j’y pense ? Night eye, Nana, Gran Torino, Star, son statut.. c’est horrible en vrai

#MHASpoilers - - - - - All Might avec ou sans OFA, ses discours sont toujours aussi important

#MHASpoilers . . . . . . Mon dieu quel dinguerie hhahahahahhahaha putain c'est pas possible #MHA335

#MHA335 #MHASpoilers No cause how this face is the face of the traitor! Look at her!!! She's cute!😭 #hagakure

#MHA335 #MHASPOILERS so. if hagakure’s spy material. and she gets caught. WILL SHINSO FINALLY GET HIS PLACE IN 1A/hj

Wow, …I just want to say, she was my first guess honestly. Her quirk was TOO perfect for it not to be her. #mha335 #MHASpoilers #toruhagakure

You know i wouldn’t be surprised if uraraka is traitor, i mean why not her fams poor and AFO goes for the vulnerable types LMAOOO #MHASpoilers #uraraka

#MHASpoilers depuis War Horikoshi met des perso féminin en avant : Nagant, Star et Toru maintenant connaissant le destin des deux premières...

Good morning! As mentioned last week, no new episode this week as we were on holiday, so we invite listeners to #CTFU on the manga and our mini episodes because we had a HUGE REVEAL yesterday and I WILL be going on a spoilery retweet tear, so beware #MHASpoilers #mha335 🧤

Hagakuree the UA trai- okay I won't spoil~ I dunno if this is her,but some people said this is her so I drew herr~ #hagakure #MHASpoilers #MyHeroAcademia #mhahagakure #SPOILERS

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