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Have you checked out #MusicInColor? A collab between @katyperry & #BEHRxSpotify, bringing Katy's dynamic colors to all your favorite songs ✨ See more at

.@katyperry is bringing her love of color and passion for music to her newest partnership with @BehrPaint and @Spotify's #MusicInColor project.

Pretty Colors and Beautiful Songs 🤍💛💙💚 @katyperry @BehrPaint @Spotify Wide Awake + Back To Nature are both my faves 💚🙌#MusicInColor

Every song has a color. (What, you didn’t know that?!) Well, see them for yourself at . Then come back and tell me the color of your favorite song… 🎶 🎨 #MusicInColor #BEHRxSpotify BehrPaint Spotify

#MusicInColor is a collab between @katyperry & #BEHRxSpotify, bringing Katy's colors to all your favorite songs 🌈 Featured Colors: Never Really Over: Laser Lemon P290-7 Waking Up in Vegas Remix: Flirt Alert P150-7 Teenage Dream: Sea of Tranquility P470-3

@katyperry @BehrPaint @Spotify Love all of these colours but my favorite is definitely Diva Glam! 😊 #musicincolor

Music inspires the creative imagination of our students. What colors do you see when you listen to your favorite song? Think about it. @WHGWashington @WhufsdRams @msbraultmusic #musicincolor #music #creativity #imagination

@guitarcenter @TAMAofficial We can save musical education, we can save the humanity, there are a bridge that connects both. #saveourplanet #musicianslife #music#musiceducation #musiclessons #musiclegend #growwithgoogle #educationmatters #musicincolor

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