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Got to FINALLY watch this last night. I am at a total loss of words still. I have never related so much on the expression of a mentality level so much in my life...& she had even more on top that. @selenagomez you are so damn strong, please continue to heal 🙏🥺 #MyMindAndMe…

The majority of you have watched it.🥺 The one's who haven't, your missing out you should watch it. #MyMindAndMe…

#MyMindAndMe #JustSayin #خواطر_من_القلب #في السفر لا بد وأن نفقدأشياء.. من يفقد عقله،قلبه،روحه، أشخاص، ومن يفقد الشرف، الكرامه، ساعة روليكس،شنطة ثمينة.. يضل فقد الأشياء الماديه اهون بكثيير من فقد المشاعر والأحاسيس والثقة بالنفس. Basma M A

Just finished watching Selena’s #MyMindAndMe for the second time 🥺 and i have to wake up early for work

#MyMindAndMe is a very powerful documentary about the exploration of Selena Gomez's mental health! I loved how raw and open she was with her experiences! 🎬MY SCORE: 8.5/10 For my full review:

Watching Selena’s documentary. I’ve cried once. 🥺 #MyMindAndMe

Social media is killing your brain and wasting your time but yet that’s what most people keep doing everyday!! #wednesdaynetflix #Inspiration #inspired #MyMindAndMe #mindfulness

Hearing @selenagomez speak of loneliness and needing connection is so relatable and real. #MentalHealth #MyMindAndMe #Real #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthMatters

1/5 of the way through #MyMindAndMe and it’s enlightening, heart-breaking and concerning. I know those emotions she’s felt, the thoughts she’s had… @selenagomez I know this will never reach her, but I hear you and see you. #MentalHealth #SuicideAwareness #Lupus #StayStrong

Que lloradero con el documental de Selena Gómez #MyMindAndMe

A little reminder that it's so important to take care of your mental health 💖 #MyMindAndMe #RareBeauty

Today I’m created new account in Twitter and I’m hope human support me or subscribe my channel 👻 #mythoughts #newtotwitter #MyMindAndMe

3. @MattReynardCNN’s TikTok about Do’s and Don’ts of interviewing a celebrity: - A great example of what has been taught to us in class. - It shows you how to be professional and a good reporter. #TikTok #News #TikTokNews #journalism #Celebrities #SelenaGomez #MyMindAndMe

love you @selenagomez 🤍 #MyMindAndMe  was very emotional and I’m so proud of you.

I‘m 5 minutes into the @selenagomez documentary #MyMindAndMe and already feel so understood. I wish I could just talk to Selena and hug her. Thank you for sharing this with us ❤️❤️❤️

Guys this song is not getting the recognition and attention it must get. Please stream My Mind And Me on all the streaming platforms and make it grow. We can do this Selenators 🫶🏻 #MyMindAndMe #SelenaGomez #Selena

Wasn’t feeling the greatest mentally so I decided to write my own version of this inspired by #MyMindAndMe 💖 @selenagomez @SelenaFanClub

@SelenaFanClub selena said to stream #MyMindAndMe on A-List Pop so that’s exactly what i’m doing 🥰

It's hard to talk and feel heard ,when you always feel like a burden... #MyMindAndMe

Je me décide enfin à regarder #MyMindAndMe et ça fait même pas une minute que j’ai les larmes aux yeux… super 😭 plus qu’une heure trente trois à tenir! @selenagomez 🤍

🤍NUEVO VIDEO🤍 He conseguido que podáis ver la Reacción a 'My Mind & Me' el documental de Selena Gomez, se estrena esta tarde🤍 🤍 #MyMindAndMe #SelenaGomez

@selenagomez has a new documentary out 'Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.' Laura Bennett reviews this documentary she proclaims has "not one ounce of self-indulgence". #mymindandme #doco #mentalhealth #appleTV

My mind and me We don't get along sometimes And it gets hard to breathe But I wouldn't change my life And all of the crashin' and burnin' and breakin', I know now If somebody sees me like this, then they won't feel alone now My mind and me 🤍 #MyMindAndMe

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