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🔥Lucas Ripley 🔥Chief of Seattle FD 🔥Currently single 🔥Outdoor enthusiast 🔥Faceclaim: Brett Tucker 🔥 Ships with Vic Hughes or Chem 🔥21+ due to mature content #station19 #station19rp #pinnedtweet

@Thetrilliumca He @krasheedmpp lied to our family & hundreds more about cracking down on bad builders too!! The @fordnation agenda to ‘build more homes faster’ with little to no oversight allows bad builders to have free rein. #PurchasersAreScrewed #pinnedtweet

Hello friends! I have a new pinned post. Could I get anyone to repost it? I will repost your pinned post! Thank you! #pinnedtweet

New 📌!! Could I get as many people as possible to #RT my #PinnedTweet! I will #RT as many as I can in return! Thank you!!! #WritingCommunity

Sometimes life just throws ya in a better direction.. The #artconcept for @TwaffleTheCat_ was changed last minute about three weeks ago.. Meaning all the #art was started over from scratch!! Sorry for the delay! Make sure to join our #JourneyList in the #pinnedtweet..

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