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#DailyHungarianRock #AWS #SiklosiOrs #RIP Te is félsz! Those in the position of power, you are as afraid if not more than I am…

Y yo pendo que me decían galló porque me gusta Valentín Elizalde #RIP #ValentinElizande

#NowPlaying Nothing Else Matters - Elevator Version on #Spotify available on #PSMusic Beautiful song. #RIP Michael Kamen…

aldi isn’t even cheaper in florida 😭 #rip

It’s hard to believe but today 44 years ago the plane carrying the band Lynyrd Skynyrd crashed #RIP

@collegeBLITZing @FoxNews Why don’t you just admit that your party cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas? They have no policy platform. No fresh innovative thoughts on how to improve the lives of middle class American voters. The @GOP doesn’t even try to govern. They want to rule. #RIP @GOP

We going up for the homie @HippieShrnin this Friday at @ClubAura.wv 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 we gone celebrate his life!!!!! All proceeds will go to his family so come support !!!!!! #rip @ Club Aura…

My favorite pen that I use at work ran out of ink today 😔 #rip

#RIP: Padre Toufic Bou Hadir. El presidente del Departamento de Juventud del Patriarcado Maronita falleció de un ataque cardíaco.#ACN lamenta la pérdida de un leal colaborador de proyectos en el #Libano. Entre otros proyectos, supervisó la traducción del #YOUCAT al árabe. QEPD.

My brother, my friend, my inspiration the bike wanderer @Iohan_Gue is no more 😪💔 #RIP brother You are my hero ❤

This isn’t George, it’s John Adam’s, unfortunately on this day, December 14,1779 George Washington has passed away on Mt Vernon due to a throat infection. He will not be forgotten and in memory we will be putting his face on the American quarter and the one dollar bill.#RIP

Our thoughts and prayers are with Past Chief & President of the Riviera Beach VFD family and friends. #arnoldvfd #aacofd #fightin’17 #RIP @Riviera_Beach13

#Rip Jaz Singh from @kraytwinz Our thoughts are with all his family and friends Waheguru Mehr Kareh 🙏

@pattonoswalt 'You are 45 years old and lives with an iguana' - Arthur Spooner. #RIP 🙏

The holidays won’t be the same without you mom #rip #SuicideAwareness

Today would have been @tompetty’s 71st birthday. You are so missed, we love you Tom! Happy Heavenly Birthday ❤️#TravelingWilburys #GeorgeHarrison #TomPetty #HappyBirthday #RIP

"The candle burns not for us, but for all those who were shot on 20.10.20 We shall never forget. #EndSars #Rip

@CharlieBlackv1 hey ik u can’t write back just had you on my mind. Gotta give folks their flowers while they’re here. Maybe one day we’ll chat again til then fly high big dog!! #rip

…honoring Tom include a Memorial Gathering from 4-7 Thursday, October 21st at Butler Funeral Home, 900 S. 6th Street. The Memorial Ceremony will take place at 10 am on Friday, October 22nd. Please see:… #RIP

@Stana_Katic This is why people like Steven @SDonziger are needed on this planet. Let’s hope nurse Rosa Moreno is the last innocent victim to die due to the tragic conditions going on in Ecuador over the past years. A heroine indeed ✊ ⚫️🕯 May she Rest In Peace #RIP

Skumja iezogas. A.Cimdars pildīja savu darbu labi. Viņš bija profesionāls. Nenovērtēts. Jo īpaši pēc tam, kad netika apstiprināts atkārtoti. Nevērtēšu: potēts, nepotēts un no kuras partijas. Vnk stulbi un skumji. Jā. #RIP

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