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📝Se llevó a cabo la firma del convenio para el pago de la infraestructura de los lotes del barrio Los Eucaliptus II de Viedma. 📍En conjunto con #Municipio, el equipo del #IPPV, recepcionó en 2 turnos a las familias de los lotes en el marco del programa #RnR18 #SueloUrbano.

@olivierveran La #NUPES et le #RnR18 qui font semblant de ne pas comprendre... Ils sont graves! Quand on entend le bruit des cloches en écho des propos E Macron , les français doivent être heureux qu'il ait été réélu 🙂

En 1942, les jeunes alsaciens étaient engagés de force dans la wehrmacht les #malgrénous. Les créateurs du #FN #RnR18 eux s'y étaient engagés volontairement deux ans avant pour pourchasser le juif l'homosexuel le communiste le tzigane le handicapé puis le démocrate #89alassemblée

@StuartFeiner boys from Rhode Island VS. Stu’s boys from the south? Easily marketed my friend. Meet in WV?? @stoolpresidente @RobbieBarstool @BarstoolBigCat on the call. Special guest @Shanemgillis #RnR18 @SweetHandsPlant

@BarstoolBigCat @ZAbel74 @stoolpresidente can we get that sandals honeymoon for the back to back fight of the night winner @ZAbel74 #RoyalRumble #RNR18 #duespaid

"If you lose, you gotta eat shit." @kirkmin thinks there's a road to redemption for Cupcake after #RNR18 but he won't be on it. New @kirkminshow out now:…

@CoachDuggs You fought one hell of a fight for your first time in the ring. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and take a pic after the fight. You’re a first class guy! Looking forward to seeing you win your first one! #DuggsNation #RnR18

@kirkmin should ban @davecullinane from masterbating for a week minimum after #RnR18 @kirkminshow #kirkwasright

What a night in Huntington WV for #RnR18 You can still go to now to watch last nights chaotic @roughnrowdy until Sunday at 11pm

Watch 20 matchups of absolute CHAOS on until Sunday at 11 pm 🥊 #RNR18

@LargeBarstool Incredible save last night from "You're telling me to hurry it up, you think I want to f'n be here?"...might be the Boxing Bounce Back of the Year #RNR18

If you missed #RNR18 on Friday you can still watch the PPV until Sunday 🥊 @ZAbel74

@stoolpresidente @barstoolsports Hey @stoolpresidente @barstoolsports you check these live update blogs. Loving it. Got me to purchase #RNR18 for future events big shout out to @SeanMatthew13…

Had a blast last night at #RNR18 s/o to @LargeBarstool with the fire Robert Kraft masseuse jacket 😂

What @Justalexbennett did was more than win a boxing match. She kicked her insecurities ass and showed that hard work, preparation, and determination can make anyone a fighter. #RNR18

THE holiday 'fit 🌞💙 Use this link to get Up to 30% off all outlet with code JACKPOT at Asos Valid now through 8/23 #ENHYPENinLA #RNR18

My main take away from #RNR18 is that @joeycamasta and @NjTank99 need to provide color commentary for every ring girl contest moving forward. Absolute masterclass.

This outfit shows how little @lilsasquatch66 knows about ANY sport. Managers outfit?! You managing a night club?! #RNR18 #alljokeslilsasrules…

@stoolpresidente Appreciate you (not only for the love you’ve shown my songs) but mostly for RNR last night. Spent all day yesterday at a miserable grunt work job & it was the ONLY thing I looked forward to and helped the day go by #RNR18

I want to thank all of @barstoolsports for promoting #RNR18 last night. Great night. It helps pay the bills for everybody and I truly appreciate everybody doing their part. It goes a long way on how I look at your commitment to this company. Ryde or die! #somethings

I can’t stop thinking about the cartoon knockout😂 best Rough n Rowdy so far #RNR18

#SourcesSay @Cupcake_Wiles was paid a large sum of $$ from multiple @barstoolsports employees to allow @Justalexbennett to beat her down @roughnrowdy!! She played @kirkmin like a fiddle. #RNR18

yes, for all those wondering. that was indeed Bolt at #RNR18 last night.

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