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Heya Rollers! Since tonight's prog is cancelled, I shall also pass on the stream tonight. I will, however, try to stream tomorrow regardless if the prog pushes through or not. That's all for now. Stay safe out there! #RollingUpdate

As mentioned in last night's #RollingStream, this week's streams will be played by the ear. That is why you should stay tuned here for when I go live. Also, I will be out Friday-Sunday PHT (Thursday-Saturday EST) for some Touch Grass mini-arc. XD See y'all later! #RollingUpdate

Heya Rollers! I sorta overslept again, and I'm kinda late for proggers, so I won't be able to stream tonight (even Yakuza/Harvestella). I will see you tomorrow instead for some Monster Hunter Rise (stream start TBA)! ✌️ #RollingUpdate

Rollers! Aaaa! Apologies! I just woke up now and I will be missing the first part of my stream. Seems like we will be having degen hour stream tonight, so we'll start with the DSR prog, then go either Harvestella or Yakuza 0 after. #RollingUpdate

Schedule? Schedule! We starting off with 3 days of rest, then it's all gaming from there! See the Saturday? We'll go back to #MonsterHunterRiseSunbreak to play the new update! Of course, we still have our usuals for the week. See y'all then! #RollingUpdate

Rollers, I have a question: Since I'm still at chapter 2 of my #Yakuza0 run, is it better if I restart it next week Wednesday (EST) with Legend mode? Or do I just continue with Hard mode? Also, no stream tonight. I still feel a bit tired from yesterday's outing. #RollingUpdate

Progressive delivery offers #RollingUpdate as one of the methods for zero downtime deployment Checkout this video for more details 🚀🚀📽️📹🚀🚀 #Kubernetes #k8s #cloudnative #deploymentStrategies

Heya, Rollers! I just woke up atm. We might start a li'l late on the stream, okay? No worries, we still goin'. XD #RollingUpdate

Heyo Rollers! We now have our stream schedule for the week! More #Harvestella and #FFXIV than anything else, but we definitely have #Yakuza0 there, too! XD Hope to see you all these week! #RollingUpdate #RollingStream

Work wants me to finish something tonight, so I will have to call off tonight's stream. No worries, tomorrow's another week, and we will have a stream tomorrow! #RollingUpdate

ALRIGHT! We be stummin' later, Rollers, fr! We'll start 6:30 AM EST with some lovely Letter from the Producer Live reaction (probs watching a summary instead, and we talk about it), then we do Criterion Dungeon + some Yakuza 0 fun times! See y'all later! #RollingUpdate

Okay, unfortunately, I jgh rn, Rollers! 🥲 I will have to cancel tonight's stream and will move it to tomorrow afternoon, then will have an extra stream on Saturday EST! I hope that makes up for it. #RollingUpdate

Rollers, I'mma be late starting strum later. I'll be with mah bois touching grass and eating out like old times! I'll update you here when I'll be live, as usual--30 minutes before strum. XD #RollingUpdate

Heya Rollers! Due to some intermittent internet as we're progging atm in DSR, I will call off stream tonight and instead see y'all tomorrow! Hope that's okay with y'all? This internet connectivity is tilting me a bit, and I don't want y'all to see that. #RollingUpdate

Ayt! I will stream tonight's DSR prog + moar Harvestella! I will see you at 8:30 AM EST. XD #RollingUpdate

Ugh... I just woke up. Seriously, never thought adjusting just 1 hour of your day later messes your body clock up by A LOT. I will see you guys on Tuesday for FFXIV reclears, ayt? Sorry for tonight's lack of stream. 😢 #RollingUpdate

We have our surprise Saturday strum in the evening, y'all! I just woke up, so I need more energy-generation. KEKW I'll see y'all tonight for Criterion dungeon AND more Harvestella! #RollingUpdate

I made a mistake about the release, Rollers. We'll start today's stream with FFXIV DSR proggers at 9:30 PM GMT+8, then we'll have Harvestella after prog! How does that sound? Yes? YES! #RollingUpdate

Aaaalright, I woke up to sharp pain in my tongue. I will not be able to stream properly w/ this when every sentence I utter makes me wish I didn't talk.☹️ I will save my voice for tomorrow's stream instead, so see y'all tomorrow! #RollingUpdate

Jeez, my canker sore is getting worse. Ugh. If the pain ain't relieved tonight after my afternoon nap, I will rest myself up for tomorrow's Harvestella x FFXIV stream combo. #RollingUpdate

El #Deployment provee una manera declarativa para actualizar los pods y las RS. Es ideal para escalar aplicaciones #stateless. Para lograr esto, utiliza una estrategia de #RollingUpdate que evita tener tiempo de inactividad, ya que las actualizaciones las hace gradualmente.

Since the regrind is real, we're going to stick to weekly schedules again! And since this week is the release of #Harvestella and restart of #RoadToQuadraLegend, it's just fitting we do this! I'll see y'all then! #RollingUpdate #RollingStream All times are in GMT+8, btw! 🤟

And sure enough, I overslept. Ugh. Well, I will see you guys on Tuesday instead for reclear galore. I also have something to announce then, so stay tuned! For now, stay safe. Typhoon still not done up here. #RollingUpdate

Heya Rollers! There will be no stream tonight and on Friday because of some complication on my utilities atm. Hopefully I will be back on Saturday for Criterion dungeon casual runs. I apologize, Rollers. Adulting is so hard. 😮‍💨 #RollingUpdate

Ugh. Waking up with a headache sucks ass. 😮‍💨 I'll pass on the reclear strum, Rollers. I'll see you guys on Thursday, instead. #RollingUpdate

Alright, still painful to talk atm. I'll see you guys tomorrow for some Yakuza 0 and first try of Criterion Dungeon normal! #RollingUpdate

Ung, I dunno if I can stream properly tonight, Rollers. I have a damn canker sore on the tip of my tongue. It hurts when I speak. Was hell at work. Smadging! #RollingUpdate

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Since I'm feeling a little lighter now (no more bloatedness and added fatigue from dehydration), how about a return stream on Tuesday for reclears? Poggers? POGGERS! #RollingUpdate

Heya Rollers! I just got home from my mini touch-grass filler arc, and am feeling a little tired. I shall see you guys tomorrow instead for DSR and take this time to be offline and rest. Cya! #RollingUpdate

Here's your friendly neighborhood Loporrit just touching grass somewhere. I'll be back soon for DSR content. But for now, I shall enjoy fresh wind and earth aether! XD #RollingUpdate

I'm gonnaa take a mental break for now, Rollers. I'm currently in a state where I am chasing that DSR clear to borderline obsession, and I do not think I want you guys to witness that on stream. I will see you guys on Tuesday as we pug P5S! #RollingUpdate

Rollers, since there's no UWU tonight, we have no Crystal Ultimates for today's subathon stream. Therefore, we'll start the stream around 03:00 EST! I'll see you then, Rollers! 💜 #RollingUpdate

ROLLERS! I hereby invite y'all to may birthday subathon! We'll have 9 effin' days of gaming, chatting, memeing, and many more! Activities for the day will be announced here, so do stay tuned! I hope y'all will celebrate my birthweek with me! #RollingCelebration #RollingUpdate

Okay, no strum tonight. I woke up just now, and I still feel exhausted. I'll try again tomorrow. I'll just finish the planning of the Subathon tonight. For now, here's some M O T I V A T I O N for ya! #RollingUpdate

Stay tuned if P O W E R and M O T I V A T I O N stream is a go tonight. Ended up planning my subathon activities for a longer time than I intended, and I am just about to sleep. #RollingUpdate

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