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That #SavagexFenty site😈 Yes lord! I bought my wife so much sh*t from Rihanna's line😈

I have so much more #vitiligo all over my body from head to toe and they are so gorgeous in these photos I feel pretty too. 💖🥰 #representationmatters 🥹✨ Thank you #SavagexFenty #SavageXSummer #beautifulpeople 🫂💗…

With her signature gap teeth, shaven head, and tattoos, #SlickWoods is a fashion icon you can’t miss. From becoming the face of #SavageXFenty to picking up a role in #Grownish, see all there is to know about the model-turned-actress:

Después de un descanso por maternidad, #Rihanna regresa con la nueva colección de #SavagexFenty llamada 'Dolled Up'.…

I love me some @rihanna and adore @SavageXFenty but daaaamn the lace panties don't hold up at all and won't let a hot girl be great! I've had to rebuy so many pairs... Is it just meeeee...??? #SavagexFenty #Fenty

These orange #SavagexFenty underwear makes me feel some kind of way. The way it compliments my skin! How it looks when it pokes out when I wear earth tones!!

Ilustra de hoje a minha ex cantora e empresária favorita 💖 #Rihanna #SavagexFenty

#BB24 o Monte get off of the Rihanna okay that's Taylor you riding her coattail you wasn't talking about no Rihanna until Taylor brought her up so stop it and if you were to get invited to one of her many mansions it'd be because of Taylor 🙄 #SavagexFenty #FentyBeauty #HaleYeah

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