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Don’t remind us …. 😂 we all mad at her but I still end up supporting her #SavagexFenty brand 👌🏾😒😍…

Dopo anni di boxer con cavallucci marini, orsacchiotti e motivi veramente imbarazzanti, ora finalmente inizia ad uscire dell’intimo da uomo più particolare e soprattutto aggressivo ( cosa che adoro poi ) grazie davvero #Rihanna.. 🙏🏻❤️ #SavageXFenty

@rihanna #SavageXFenty #shorts don’t judge the crooked alien T-shirt from #toystory posting this as I have about 10lbs to drop from Xmas! There are #musclewoman #abs under there somewhere 😂💕 #thickqueen

@rihanna I Would Love To Be A Plus Size Male Model For Your Fashion Line @SavageXFenty #SavageXFenty

Day 10 asking @SavageXFenty and @CalvinKlein @Nike if they want to put a 19 yr old mexican girl rejected by half of all the model agencies in one of your fashion campaigns #mycalvins #SavagexFenty #model #EuphoriaSeason2 #Nike #Louis Vuitton #Trending #fashion

La fille de Madonna devient mannequin pour Rihanna – BuzzNews Lourdes Leon fait des photos sexy avec Rihanna !! 👙 👙 👙 #LourdesLeon #Rihanna #SavageXFenty #BuzzNews

Daggit #SavageXFenty - why don’t you ever have boxer briefs !?!!?

#LourdesLeon is paving her own way! The stunning model made her inaugural appearance in #SavagexFenty's #Valentine's Day campaign alongside #Rihanna herself!…

Comentando acerca de la nueva línea de lencería de #SavagexFenty, un fan respondió: "Rihanna sabe lo que quieren los gays", y otro añadió: "Dame el arnés YA" 🔥…

Imagine me being a model for #SavageXFenty one day #Manifest ✨✨✨❤️

Instead make I buy insecticide of N1,250, I go allow mosquito bite me and buy malaria drug of N800, Suga of N300 and N150 Bigi Apple #SavageXFenty

I just want to buy Fenty with my VS 💳 #SavageXFenty

#SavageXFenty je suis très déçu par ce que j’ai reçu. J’ai commandé du 85 B, c clairement du A ou B pas des taille D. la qualité il vaut mieux ne pas en parler. Déçu de Rihanna elle a fait aucun effort sur sa marque dépenser autant pour de la pub pour rien. Undiz une valeur sur.

Dear Rih Rih @rihanna - never has a bra made me feel like a fkn snack the way the Romantic Corded Lace Balconette bra - with a 42G, mind you. Sis you DID THAT SHIT! I love your ass for this shit! 🤣 @SavageXFenty #savagexfenty

.@rihanna and #SavageXFenty are giving the gays everything they want with their newest lingerie collection. The new range includes mesh underwear and a harness, and the accompanying campaign shots are getting a thirsty response on social media.…

Our first #throwbackthursday of 2022 had to be a special one. Our 2019 collaboration between VICKISARGE Rihanna’s #SavageXFenty Show was such a fun experience! ✨ #vickisarge #tbt #badgirlriri #savagefenty #bespoke #nyfw #handmadejewellery #accessories #madeinlondon #bling

When it comes to Rihanna I gotta have it @rihanna thanks baby #SavageXFenty has amazing deals right now thank me later Valentine’s Day coming up go get y’all something sexy to wear for your woman or man 💅🏾

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