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第6話「イパチェフ館」 人は悲劇が好きだ。ロシア革命のロマノフ家は誰もの胸を打つ悲劇であり、だからこそ生きていてほしいという願望によりアナスタシア伝説も生まれた。アニメ映画は映画館に見に行ったのを覚えている。 英国に接近するエリツィンに過去の虐殺が影を落とす。 #TheCrownNetflix

Seriously considering unsubscribing from @netflix first the untruths in #TheCrownNetflix and now #HarryandMeghan being nasty for #money #ShameOnYou #disgusted #unsubscribenetflix

@NetflixNL op een van de afleveringen The Crown blijft een ondertitel tussendoor steeds hangen en dat is NETFLIX SERIE. #TheCrownNetflix #TheCrown #ondertitel

charles & his family did Princess Diana so wrong but especially charles!! R.I.P to true royalty 👑 #TheCrownNetflix

✨Günün önerisi✨ The Crown Tür: Politik- Drama Dizisi Imdb:8.7 Gerçek olaylardan esinlenen bu kurgusal dizi, hem Kraliçe 2.Elizabeth’in öyküsünü hem de onun saltanatını biçimlendiren siyasi ve kişisel olayları ekrana taşıyor. #TheCrown5 #TheCrown #TheCrownNetflix

Idk who chose the cast of #TheCrownNetflix but they all are absolutely gorgeous

Finished #TheCrownNetflix and now on to #HarryandMeghanNetflix I believe them sadly over the royals

Watching #HarryandMeghanNetflix and #TheCrownNetflix and furiously googling things I didn’t pay much attention to at the time or I don’t remember.

@Ricaaduh Agree. Just finished it. and I felt like it was dull and just lacked in so much. Maybe it was out of respect for Diana’s sons, but they just skimmed the surface on a lot of things. #TheCrown #TheCrown5 #TheCrownNetflix

Been watching #TheCrownNetflix past few days & I’m going into S3 & took a break from watching to watch #HarryandMeghanNetflix documentary. To see exactly what started w/ them & the paparazzi on the show plays a huge role w/their relationship w/them (lack there of).

Just finished season 5 of the crown it was ok #TheCrownNetflix

I am glad Princess Diana stood her ground and told her truth before she was tragically taken away. She didn't owe the royal family anything #TheCrownNetflix

Impressionada com a história do Philip e sua irmã! @TheCrownNetflix #TheCrownNetflix

Say what you like about the latest #TheCrownNetflix series. The musicians, and trumpeter on #Stardust sound totally fabulous!! Bravo! :) #music #arts

Nhasi ndomagarira magetsi i need to binge watch #TheCrownNetflix

"The letter from the queen was so final! So matter of fact... The epithet of our marriage written up in a few lines. It's like that moment when a coffin is brought into a funeral, and you realize that it's all real." #TheCrownNetflix

So we know William was at Eton College when all of the drama occurred, why don't we see Harry at all?? Was he away at boarding school as well? Royals don't raise/rear their own kids at any stage of life? #TheCrownNetflix

"There are three of us in this marriage... it's a bit crowded." #TheCrownNetflix

So once Diana and Charles separated, Camilla just moved in and was living life as Charles' girlfriend!?! Like she was going to family functions!?! How was that okay? #TheCrownNetflix

I really need to unpack E8: "Gunpowder" of #TheCrownNetflix

Assistindo The Crown e não me conformo com a Camila sendo, hoje, a rainha. Usurpou o lugar da princesa Daiana #TheCrownNetflix #TheCrown

Do you think that the documentary of #HarryandMeghanNetflix could worse than #TheCrownNetflix for the royal family

#TheCrownNetflix Season 5 Episode The Way Ahead gila gila keren bangeeet, seneng gue sama sikap tegas Alm. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. "Better death than dishonor"

What an eye opener and complete change of opinion after watching both #TheCrownNetflix and #HarryandMeghanNetflix. We should not let the opinions of the older generation, media & crown take over what we think. We are human beings, #HarryandMeghan are human beings, let them love.

Prince Philip seems like a nasty, manipulative, bitter asshat. They have made nothing about him redeeming at all! #thecrown #thecrownNetflix #princephilip

Tbqh Charles and his mommy have always seen things differently in how the monarchy should be run 🤭🙃 #TheCrownNetflix

Charles messed things up with this interview 😩 #TheCrownNetflix

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