Top Tweets for #TheVoice

@etnow Blake & Gwen are so hilarious. 😂 #TheVoice

@etnow I can’t wait for you to sing this song together. Come on @blakeshelton & @gwenstefani 🥹🙏 #TheVoice

@johnlegend #TheVoice You are the best! I think you're going to win it all!🥰

どう考えてもペリさんが自分史上一番ウタウマでイケメンでナイスガイ♥ シルバーグレイになってなおカッコよいとかもう手がつけられない…(*´Д`)ハァハァ #TheVoice #StevePerry #スティーヴ・ペリー

@Camila_Cabello is smashing it on #TheVoice She’s a natural….I’m #TeamCamila all the way ❤️

Slimane révèle pour la première fois l’homme de sa vie #Thevoice #TF1 | Madame Buzz…

Why no one's talking about this performance? This rendition is beautiful ❤️ #TheVoice #alltoowell #TaylorSwiff

Camila Cabello reacts to #TheVoice contestant singing Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (TV)”: “That’s my song!”

@gwenstefani #TheVoice As an Okie, I have to say we are proud to claim you as one of us!

@blakeshelton #TheVoice let’s get this done tonight Blake let’s knock Camila off her chair 🤣🤣🤣

@gwenstefani #TheVoice love the interaction between you and your husband Stay with the voice. We need more people like the both of you on tv

@Camila_Cabello #TheVoice You are doing a fantastic job thus far. Can't wait to see you work one on one with the artists.

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