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Loving @ddlovato show #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato. It is so good and the second episode is not to be watched in the middle night like I just did. Hopefully @ddlovato keeps doing this show.

You know, because an advanced race would be so easily triggered... #DemiLovato #Unidentified #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato

just finished to watch #unidentifiedwithDemiLovato, such a cool show, i’m even more into meditation now AND GRAYCIE?? I WANT ONE #unidentified

i’m watching #unidentified episode 2 and i’m sh*tting myself with the ghost thing I LOVE IT #unidentifiedwithDemiLovato

Ok, they said "our native American ancestors" those were not Aliens. Demi, may be protected by their Native Ancestor spirits. That's why the activity in ep 2 is so strong. The tunnel in the ground seems to be a portal to hell, not the damn SKY! IMO #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato

Demi seems way to happy in this place w these spirits roaming around. If her mom and sister were ghost hunters they could have brought something years ago that's latched onto her! She'd be perfect to be possessed! Evil energy loves traumatized people. #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato

24 hybrid ET babies???? That's a stretch...idk if I can believe that one! I'm gonna keep watching tho! 😂 #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato

UFO’s, ET’s, ghosts, laughter and healing all in one episode, what more could you want from a Horror Hookup? #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato…

Had a BLAST chatting with @irobotyoujane, who is also blessed by the best first name ever. He also knew that Matthew in Hebrew means 'gift of God', so he scored MAJOR points with ol' Matty! Listen in! We LOVED this interview! #lovatics #demilovato #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato…

UNIDENTIFIED WITH DEMI LOVATO is available now on Peacock TV in the United States and Now TV in Europe. (4/4) #demilovato #unidentifiedwithdemilovato #lovatics #ufo #ufos #ghosts #haunting #haunted #unidentified #lovaticsforever #lovaticslovedemi #lovaticsfamily

NEW HORROR HOOKUP: Matthew Scott Montgomery (@irobotyoujane) is co-host of the new documentary series UNIDENTIFIED WITH #DemiLovato and what a blast it was having this lovely soul on the show for our latest HORROR HOOKUP with Andrew and Matty! #UnidentifiedWithDemiLovato

since shooting #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato i’ve been SEARCHING THE SKIES 🔭🛸👽 a perfect show to watch during spooky szn ! we got GHOSTS, UFOs, unexplainable PHENOMENA & so much more ! watch on @peacockTV for intergalactic giggles & star-gazing SHRIEKS ! @ddlovato @dallaslovato

Miss @ddlovato After finding out this ( #UnidentifiedWithDemiLovato ) exists 🤢🤮🤮🤮, I'm hoping ALIENS find Earth soon and obliterate us. Death rays, exploding planet and everyone is dead. No survivors, I don't even want a reboot.

After watching Demi’s show #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato 👽 on @peacockTV I had no choice and I wanted to know more about UFOs 🛸 @netflix it’s sooooo interesting and mind blowing all the facts that I’ve heard here 🤯

@peacockTV We love @ddlovato ❤️ they definitely rock this beautiful galaxy we love #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato just finished watching it and I’m gonna go watch it again ❤️🥰 @peacockTV


@peacockTV #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato IS THERE GOING TO BE A SEASON 2 ? BECAUSE I REALLY ENJOYED THIS SHOW @peacockTVCare

Joining @peppermintfatty and @Wraith_Chasers at 5pm central (right now) to take any #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato @peacockTV questions i might be able to answer as one of the executive producers. It will be fun. #ufotwitter

According to @MailOnline, new Peacock shows may be made available to Hayu subscribers EARLY. "Subscribers will have first access to #BelowDeckDownUnder, #RHOM, #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato, and #RHUGT before anyone else." 👇…

@CNN I love her show #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato Its really informative and elaborates on the stories in the news about UFOs. And Alien sounds like a insulting word to call anybody.

Demi Lovato Thinks The Term 'Aliens' Is 'Derogatory' To Extraterrestrials… #DemiLovato #DemiLovatoThinksTheTermAliensIsDerogatoryToExtraterrestrials #DemiLovatoSaysItIsDerogatoryToCallExtraterrestrialsAliens #UnidentifiedWithDemiLovato #Demi_Lovato #Demi

I beg the producers of @AncientAliens. Please, please, please, do not add #DemiLovato to your show as an "expert". An actual idiot. You already removed David Wilcock, don't add another fruit loop. #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato #ETs #Aliens

Catching up on #UnidentifiedwithDemiLovato before having @irobotyoujane on @FriGay13 today for a Horror Hookup! Great show-- and fun to see #DemiLovato doing some cool investigations of the paranormal with their pals. #UFO #UFOsighting #ghosts

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